Is all Government Intervention pointless since Lobbying occurs?

Which is why Government isn't really the over seer of good. Rather just a giant lobby regime that does what ever the highest bidders want?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Lobbying has existed for quite some time and many politicians have "wised up" as to who they are and what their target is. All of the petitions you sign do not matter; they go straight to the "junk mail" box. If you sign a petition, you are lobbying. However, key lobbyists do enjoy drastic amounts of power and "money talks (to politicians)". In the past decade, Washington has exploded w/ more lobby organizations than you can imagine; most of them quite menial such as the "Cannabis Action League" (the 3rd largest marijuana lobby group) or "Feminists against Fur", etc. Even traditionally strong lobbies have resorted to a new tactic. While still using chain letters and conventional bribes, a plan was devised (and mimicked by many lobby organizations) by the Christian Coalition to tackle this problem of Washington overlooking their conventional methods. The most effective lobbyists now are not actually lobbyists, merely contractors for lobby groups. Many lobbies acknowledge their diminishing power in comparison to those who are gaining power, and have resorted to this tactic. Who are the contractors? Friends of the "targeted politician" from high school, college, teams, churches, etc. Making it appear as mere coincidence, many of these "friends" run into their "old buddy" and say, "Let's grab a bite to eat or a beer". The "friend" then presents the agenda he or she has been paid to present and acts like it is no big deal, simply something they have been thinking about. Months later, after several politicians have been "inoculated by friends", a lobby group will start pushing for a similar proposal and the politicians will jump on board and accept bribes much more readily than they would if their "personal friend" was not also concerned over this matter. Bottom Line- we have covert lobbyists in America and that is simply sad.

  • 9 years ago

    The Lobby Machine is just one huge bribe laundering apparatus. All the politicians' close relatives work for lobbying firms or the pols themselves will work for or start a lobbying firm once they're finished sucking their fill from the teat of the big fat sow we call the government. Hey, hire the senator's brother and you secure his vote for life. Pay the congressman's wife three times what she's worth and he's in your pocket.

    The government is the overseer of what makes it bigger and more powerful. Somehow, someway everything we do, eat, drink, or wear is connected to the commerce clause so that they can regulate it.

    Well. the voters are angry and are going to do something about it. We're gonna throw out 2 or 3 of the 435 congress members in November and teach them that we want real change.

    Source(s): We, the People, have the government we deserve.
  • 9 years ago

    Government intervention in America is pointless because as a nation we have by & large forgotten the point & art of Civil Disobedience. The Weathermen are long gone. We have come to fear our government to much to have any say in it & forgotten that the historic truth is that government should fear the people. Well, that & too many American's are so uninformed that they blindly follow one of the two conservative parties & believe in whatever they are told. Americans trust authority far too much.

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    9 years ago

    The problem that I have is the regulations don't help even the playing field. Big businesses bribe the government and get around the regulations. When companies get around the regulations it often time harms the workers. It kills small businesses and creates monopolies.

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