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APACHE 限制網絡流量


我用的是XAMPP 1.7.3


WIN 7 旗艦版

下載的Bandwidth Mod 也是 WORK WITH apache




我在自己的電腦以IE / FireFox 於我的網站下載一個大約10MB的檔案進行測試

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is it the apache cannot find the modules/mod_bw.dll, check the path defined at the environment to make sure it can be access.

    I also have experience on loading other dll whcih apache cannot access, but this time the apache installed at the Linux env. No error but not work. May be some different on your case.

    Remember should be only one apache service running and restart it before test again.

    What tool you are using to check the tranffic?

    2010-07-28 09:34:56 補充:

    I would like to suggest you using a large file such as 100 - 200MB because the network cannot full use and the testing time is too short.

    you can also monitor your server network tranffice from the port 80 (assume this is your http port)

    What is the bandwidth limitation?

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  • Keith
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    問題已經解決,原來要把那些都放到httpd.conf 中最底。

    2010-08-13 02:50:23 補充:


    LoadModule bw_module modules/mod_bw.dll

    BandWidthModule On

    ForceBandWidthModule On

    Bandwidth all 10240

    2010-08-13 03:02:01 補充:

    我快被它迫瘋= =

    當我把 BandWidth all 2048

    上限加至102400 時便出問題,速率不斷下趺,趺到少於10KB/s >_<

    把CODE從httpd.conf刪除,下載速度也沒有回覆正常。救命 Orz

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