Women blaming another man for the actions of their ex-bfs or ex-spouse?

I tend to find that whether in a new relationship or even just as friends with some women they tend to unload their pain and hatred onto me for the crappy treatment their exs' laid into them in the past. Is this intentional that I must be expected to pick up the other man's slack or what can this be?

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    1 decade ago
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    Women must think you are a good listener. Don't knock it as women like to have someone to talk about their problems to and there can be many benefits in doing so.

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    Many men do the same thing, if not worse. Men tend to treat women like Dog doo doo for years after they have been hurt by their girlfriends. The thing you need to consider is, why are you attracted to this kind of person. Their is a lesson in there someone. There are plenty of emotional healthy woman that do not bring their past into their future. A good indication of this would be someone who has been broken up for some time like 6 months or more, depending how long their previous relationship lasted. These people have taken the time to deal with their pain and angry and have accepted their responsibility for the outcome. Then when they are truly ready they move on. Maybe you have the same sorta of thing going on and you need to clear out all of your past negative emotions and really get to know yourself. Then you can try to move on and look for an equally emotional healthy individual such as yourself......You will continue to see people as a mirror image of yourself reflecting the hidden dislikes of your being unless you deal with this directly....Good Luck

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    You should never be blamed for the actions of an ex. She needs to apologize to you for being mean. I had a terrible ex boyfriend too, but my husband is never to be treated bad. The man I married is not an old mean boyfriend. Your wife or girlfriend needs to grow up.

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    I think that they see you as a better man than the ex's that's why they feel comfortable talking bad about the ex with you. I don't think it's meant to put any pressure on you at all.

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    sounds to me like these are the hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. i have been there too. i was so jaded for what happened to me in a previous relationship and honestly i missed alot of good opportunities. i let them just walk out because i treated them bad because of what i have been through. you will know it when a woman is worth your time. i mean if there is one that you really like show her that you are not her ex, and treat her really good. if she sees that you are not gonna dog her like she had from her ex, her attitude will probably change. maybe she just wants someone who won't give up on her.

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    only because you are a man.

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