How do I do sales tax with my new small T-Shirt screen-printing business?

I am starting a small T-Shirt screen-printing business. I'm going to buy shirts in bulk from a wholesaler, screen-print my art on to them, and then sell them locally and online through my website. I have no idea how to 'do' whatever taxes are going to be necessary for this. My business is really starting out as just a hobby; I'll be printing the shirts here at home with simple (but professional) equipment. I live in Washington State.

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    Overall, you need to add in the sales tax on top of the price you are charging, so that when you file your state taxes, you can pay the state what is owed. Otherwise, you'll have to pay out of pocket.

    For example, if Sales taxes are 5% and your widget is priced at $100, you need to charge the customer $105.00. Because when you file your taxes, you'll have to declare how much money you earned for the quarter or year. At which time, Da Man, will send you a bill for their cut.

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    Technically, confident. whether i actually does no longer worry approximately it except you commence merchandising like one hundred in line with day or some thing like that. Ever been to a flea industry? All that stuff is unlicensed and human beings nevertheless sell it for years without worry (Cuz they are small-time) while you're talking approximately custom, as in the shopper selections what it says, or user-friendly shapes/designs...then you definately've no longer something to fret approximately, why might that is unlawful? ;)

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