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Is my betta fish rare? [Video]?

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    Sorry to disappoint you but he's not, I work with fish daily and I've seen quite a few bettas with similar coloring(he's very pretty though). The great thing about bettas, as MissSammi said, is that they're all completely different from one another.

    And to address the question in your video, the thing he's doing with his cheeks is just him flaring his gills, all bettas do that. It's a sign of aggression that they do to intimidate other fish, yours must have seen his reflection in the glass (which tends to happen when the room around the tank is dark, but the tank light is on like yours was). Here's some more information on flaring for you

    Source(s): Have worked with fish for over 5 years
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    Sorry, but no. I've seen other bettas with similar coloring before at my local petsmart. Like everybody before me said, no two bettas look the same.

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    well since my betta is pure white i am going to say your fish looks pretty cool ... i have never saw one that colour or with spots on the fins ... and the fins are beautiful :O)

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    No. I don't think so. They come in a variety of colors and no two are really alike. I've seen similar ones to yours though. He's cute. :)

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    No. Very standard betta colouration. He's pretty, though. :)

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    no. He would not win any awards in a fish show either

    Source(s): 60 years of breeding Bettas
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    no im sorry to say....looks like the one i have...same color and everything...

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    no i had one just like it....and when he opens his thing that is showing is aggression lol...

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