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Will heat help ACF grow?

I have an ACF that is about 3/4 inch SVL, and I would like to integrate him into my huge aquarium that contains two other ACFs, the problem is he is about 1/4 inch too small to be in with the others and I fear he will quickly turn into a midnight snack. Would adding a heater to his current tank help speed up his growth any?


The other frogs are about 2 in SVL, would that still be alright in size difference?

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    No heat wont do very much. If you want him to grow then feed him several light meals a day. BTW don't trip about the bigger frogs eating the little guy. there's no way a 1 inch African Clawed Frog will eat a 3/4 inch frog. The difference is not even close to enough to put the little frog in danger. Feel free to add him to your tank

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