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Question About Apple Store Software...?

I Had To Go To The Apple Store To Get My New iPhone 4, The One I Had Was Doing Some Weird Stuff.., Thats Another Story..Anyway. What Is The POS (Point Of Sale) System They Use? Cause They Confirmed My Genius App. From An iPod. And The Lady Freaking Checked Their Stock Of iPhones..From An iPod. Switched My iPhone 4 Out For The New One, And Typed In The Problem, And Everything...ON HER IPOD...What Is Their System Called....?

Thanks (:

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    I bet this surprised and amazed you at the same time :)

    Well thats what you can expect from Apple..

    Im glad you're interested but Apple have not made this system public, atleast not as of today.

    Its an in-house system they use specifically at their own retail stores to add that extra magic to their service and also just to simplify the work process for themselves.

    Seeing that they're making their FaceTime technology an open standard, they may just make this an open technology too, but as of today, they have not.

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    Apple would not sell Boot Camp and that they never have bought it. until now the launch of OS X 10.5 (Leopard), you may desire to acquire Boot Camp Beta for unfastened. Now there is no Boot Camp acquire of any variety. Boot Camp comes with the OS X 10.5 DVD. in case you have a clean Mac, Boot Camp is on the set up DVD. in case you do not have a clean Mac, you will could desire to purchase a Leopard DVD to get Boot Camp.

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