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Will i get sent to gitmo?

On a plane ride, i used the word shoot. Not like a gun, but SHOOT when I dropped my coke. I am very nervous. I know thanks to the Patriot act, all plane seats have voice and video recording tools. Im afraid the Department of Homeland Security will track me down, raid my house, charge me with felonies, and send me to Guantanamo bay cuba. Please help. I am no terrorist. I also say gun on one of my emails. can the us government intercept this and charge me with terror support?

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    Yes. You will be executed in your sleep. You have been warned.

  • AD
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    I guess you're in a trolling mood today. Even if you was serious, you wouldn't go to Guantamano Bay, you would be sent to a Federal prison along with the other US citizen felons.

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    goddamn (as in the third answer) you are retarded, and not just bcause u considered the action of taking him srsly, no that would be too obvious for me to bust ur balls on. u r retarded because u think they wont kill him and his family because of somethine he said. if he had said something detrimental to any politician he would be executed. if he said anything to disconcern any government, from any country, he would be killed. but he said "shoot" which not only isnt detrimental to any government body, but is an obvious joke.

    you will not get sent to gitmo for saying shoot on the plane (at least no unless the recorder in your seat was broken... and only happened to record segments of your speech so that it sounded like "shoot *buzz*****shhhshshkkk****hisss* obama") you will however be sent to gitmo for posting this "question"

    peace, all.

    Source(s): my vast awareness of all that is and will be.
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    haha, please tell me this is trolling. if it is, i tip my hat to you, good sir, and if it isn't, you're being waaaaay too paranoid. no one will send you to gitmo and/or raid your house for using the word "shoot" on a plane. people say shoot all the time in place of the word ****, and even if they didn't, it's not like you threatened anyone. calm down.

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  • MSG_A
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    I doubt you have a problem...other than being an idiot.

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    dude you are in some serious trouble

    Source(s): i worked at gitmo. there were lots of people like you there.
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    Yeah they already have.

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