How would one write an autobiography in third person?

Simmilar to what was done in "The Hobbit"?

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    One would not. An autobiography, by definition, is the life story of the person who's writing it. Therefore, it should be in the first person. If it's in the third person, that means someone else is writing it, so it's not an autobiography - it's a biography. If a person writes a biography of himself in the third person, that's not called an autobiography - it's called "lying."

    I don't know where you get the idea that The Hobbit is a biography or autobiography. It's a work of fiction. Bilbo Baggins is not a real person. The author never had any adventures like those in the story.

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    Well, you'd write about yourself as if you were an observer. So if it was me:

    Jo Spumoni sat at her computer one lazy summer afternoon, typing the answer to a question.

    For inspiration, read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

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    Write it out in first person and change those first person pronouns to third-person pronouns and see how it reads. For instance:


    I live in New York with my wife and two dogs, Skip and Scooter. I'm an English professor by day and spend most of my weekends writing.

    Third person,

    [grant] lives in Kentucky with [his] wife and two dogs, Skip and Scooter. [He's] an English professor by day and spends most of [his] weekends writing.

    You can also read the bios of other authors online or in your favorite books to see how they've written it in 3rd person.

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