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Is the UK organisation 'Common Purpose' subverting democracy?

I have read on a website called 'common purpose exposed', that an organisation called Common Purpose is being used in the united kingdom to subvert democracy. It is suggested this happens by providing training at tax payer expense to management and senior figures in local government, the police and other influencial authorities. This training has been described as a form of hypnosis which uses neural linguistic programming to further Common Purposes own agenda, by brainwashing its 'graduates' during seminars and courses. This brainwashing is very similar to the pressure selling techniques used in sales and consists of stress and repetition to induce a sense of disorientation in the participent which results in a person who is then open to the power of suggestion. Common Purpose then programmes these people from powerful positions with its own propaganda, much of which might subvert the democractic process.

Does anyone have any information either way as to what is really going on with Common Purpose?

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    It is a Management Training organisation, those behind the allegations against Common Purpose are those opposed to the European Union. It is a mix of UKIP, other euro sceptic organisations and independent euro sceptic's.

    One interesting paper I found making these claims (first link) was written by Brian Gerrish and David Noakes. Gerrish claims "nothing works, schools, hospitals, transport, police, social services etc. etc. etc." he is yet another exponent of a "secret, communist, freemason society intent on taking over and out to get us " type conspiracy theory.

    He believes the British society is ‘under attack’, and about how social services, lawyers, barristers, judges and police are conspiring together to break up families and take the children away. He alleges that the children are then being used for drug testing (yes really) or exploited for sexual abuse. That a fair trial is now rare.

    In the document they claim that Common Purpose was "was formed in 1970 by Ted Heath's Conservative Party as part of joining the "European Union Dictatorship" This is totally false the charity was founded in 1989 by Julia Middleton. It then goes on to suggest David Cameron is an EU plant, yet is backed by John Prescott, strange bedfellows indeed.

    Those making these claims are just yet more examples of our right wing loonies who are attempting to spread conspiracy theories which are just plain stupid. You tube has many of his ramblings such as "the EU came from the Nazi Party", "Gordon Brown was put into power by the Scottish Communists", "speed cameras are designed to stress you as a driver", "that he has documented evidence from teachers who have unpleasant images in their mind as a result of being trained as teachers" etc. etc. etc. plus endless other rubbish, if you are really interested,

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    Source(s): How Hypnosis Works http://givitry.info/HypnosisCourse
  • Thanks Jas B - as you rightly point out, we are an independent and apolitical organisation that runs leadership courses, and were founded in 1989.

    We are not being "used in the united kingdom to subvert democracy", do not use hypnosis or NLP techniques or brainwashing, nor are we involved in any of the other allegations levelled at us on various videos and websites (all of which are libellous and range from insulting to the downright ludicrous!).

    Our Chair of Trustees recently issued a statement addressing these claims, which can be read on our website at http://www.commonpurpose.org.uk/about/governance/t...

    We aim to give people the skills, connections and inspiration they need to become better leaders, both at work and in society. Individuals apply to take part in our courses and our application process is clearly outlined on our website. Uniquely, they feature an equal balance of people from different sectors. We welcome applications from anyone who holds a leadership position and wants to develop their skills. This could be anything from a voluntary position to a public sector role to the CEO of a company.

    More information can be found on our websites, the links to which are below.

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