New Yahoo Messenger virus please help :((?

so a friend sent me a link witch was something like this : Is it you on this picture? http:/facebook...etc , and after i clicked on it my messenger crashed and when I started Messenger up again it sent this link to everyone who was online....Please Help :(

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here are some free programs you can download and run. These should find the virus and other spyware and remove all of it. First is Avast free edition anti-virus ( I use this one it works great )…

    Next is CCleanner, this will find all the junk files on your computer delete them. It never deletes anything you need, I use this everyday.

    Next, Spybot search and destroy, this one scans your computer for harmful spyware, dialers, etc, it will remove them.…

    Last is Glary Registry repair, this will scan your computers registry and give you the option to repair the problems it has found…

    Again all of these programs are completely free to download. You will have to register for the Avast free edition anti-virus after you download it. It's good for 1 year then you will have to register again but it's still free. They do not spam you in anyway though. The other programs don't ask for any personal information or registartion of any kind, they don't even ask for your email address so no spam. If you need more help you can email me from my answers profile.

    If you run these programs and it doesn't work, try running them when your computer is in safe mode. To put your computer in safe mode, shut it down, turn it back on while it's in the process of booting up press F8. when your computer starts up it's gonna look funny, don't worry it's supposed to. Safe mode is your computer running on the bare minimum. You won't even have your desktop picture. It's not needed for your computer to run so it won't load.

  • dally
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    3 years ago

    it is not an outbreak, yet a phishing rip-off. as quickly as you click the link, it takes to what sounds like a Yahoo! sign-on internet site - whether it is not. the 2d you "log in", you have given them your consumer call and password. If everybody has finished this, they must replace their Yahoo! password in the present day, and any passwords on any bills linked with that Yahoo! e mail account. the reason they are being sent from friends' bills is in many cases that your chum clicked on a link and signed right into a sort of bogus out their sign-on archives. Their account is getting used to deliver out greater phishing assaults. some, although few, ARE viruses, although. shop anti-virus and anti-secret agent ware courses as much as this factor and run scans periodically. IM junk mail...phishing assaults and viruses...are on the uprise and could no longer slow any time quickly.

  • 10 years ago

    same thing is happening to me too.. I'm looking for a solution as well. I didn't open it and won't. Hope someone comes up with a way to get rid of it. Makes me not want to use the messenger until it is resolved.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    download the free version of avg and run the full system scan. when it's done it will ask u to restart your computer, do it and ur virus is gone.

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  • 10 years ago

    Follow all the procedures in this forum and u would be able to free your computer from the virus

    good luck


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