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What kind of sword...?

I am writing a story and I need to know what kind of sword to give my character. I looked up some info but I don't really understand it. I was hoping you all could help me. The character is a female. She is in her early 20's and is a major general. I need 2 swords. Preferrably of 2 different types and some background info of each. The first, is broken down to the hilt in the beginning by 'Dark Majik' and the other would be enchanted with 'Regular Majik'. Just something for her to weild in battles during the story. I will post extra info in needed!

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    so you want some sword types? well first we would need to know what sort of culture she comes from

    it would be annoying for you to have to explain why she has 2 swords from halfway across the world

    seeing as this is a magic sort of setting( possibly medieval) I would recommend a Falchion for one it was generally a sword used by a less than extravagantly rich person however many have been found to have been gilded( gold plated usually around the handle) so one being in the possession of a general would not be unheard of it also has the benefit of looking less average than most types of medieval blades so the concept of one being enchanted would not be that hard to believe as for it's history go here

    as for your other one you could go here to find one

    note this is not a martial arts question you just got lucky that I have some of the information you need

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    Editor's note: Spelling magic 'majik' is a sure route to failure.

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