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If you were elected President of the United States....?

How would you use the bully pulpit? Why? What do you think you could accomplish?

A public administration has both symbolic as well as governing activities. Different Presidents have divided up the job in different ways. Some are primarily symbolic, leaving actual policy development to their staff (Reagan), while others get more involved (some would say, too much) in policy work, and spend to little time (and too ineffective time) on symbolic activities (Carter?).

If you were a symbolic President, what issues would you focus on; how would you do it, and why that issue?

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    First of all, the economy is tied to just about every other major issue currently facing the United States. If people don't have work, or enough income, then they can't afford health insurance. This means that the health insurance issue can be solved, or at least partially solved, by ensuring proper employment and a decent income for most of the population. Crime is also largely linked to economic status. People who are properly employed and have health insurance and a good quality of life don't tend to lead a life of crime as often.

    Of course the war in Iraq and terrorism are issues that can't be solved by fixing the economy, however so much money is being spent in Iraq that bringing the war to a graceful end and redirecting the money either into the economy, or into an actual terror prevention and punishment system.

    Now as for methods of fixing the economy, that's a difficult question with no short answers. I think the first thing is to cut back on useless government spending. I emphasize the useless part of that. That money should be immediately redirected into repaying the government debt (which is now the largest in the world). The education system is the next thing that needs fixing. Teachers once again need the power to discipline students who don't take their learning seriously.

    Part of fixing education is a proper youth justice system. The youths who are committing crimes are the same ones who are disrupting the school system. When a youth commits a crime they should immediately be redirected into a boot camp style education program. A program like this would challenge students mentally and physically. If a student goes home from school at night physically tired, they aren't going to be out committing crimes at night.

    Boot camps have proven very effective at turning around youths in many states. The problem is that only the worst offenders are put into programs like this. Imagine if we could get the youths into these programs before they became hardcore criminals.

    It might take a few years, but as you educate youth and get them out of the cycle of poverty and failure, they will become productive members of society with the drive to start new businesses and invent new technologies. That slow painful process is what will restore America to its former economic and political status throughout the world.

    People say that China is taking all the jobs away from the US. I personally think that China should be looked at as a huge market for new US products if we can just develop those new products that all of the newly wealthy people there want to buy. It isn't going to be easy, but the right leader could make a big dent in the issues within two terms.

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    If I was president, I would abolish the IRS and replace it with a new agency with guidlines and regulations that are simple enough that the average 8th grader would understand it. I would replace all federal taxes with a single tax that would never exceed more than 10% of an individuals' or organisations' income. I would also combine the ATF, FBI, & Secret Service into one entity, because of natural synergies and cost savings. I would also give amnesty to all illegal aliens and give them all oppurtunity to become citizens. I would propose reducing the federal payroll by 30% within 7 years. I would propose a single currency to be shared by the United States, Canada, & Mexico for trade purposes and to strengthen the region economically. I would also propose bringin home 90% of all our troops home from foreign soil, and then use those troops and those funds to help rebuild our infarstructure, ie., bridges, tunnels, schools, highways, communication towers, dams, dikes, levees, etc..

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    No it cannot be elected in view that Puerto Rico isn't a side of the US. It is unfastened related to the US that's specific. Also Puerto Ricans have a congress US statutory citizenship (it may be taken away because the political arrangement isn't a everlasting one.) In 2006 the Puerto Rico preferrred courtroom identified the Puerto Rican citizenship.

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    I would CHAMPION the largest push in history to SHRINK the Federal government, return the political system to the framework of the Constitution, REMOVE the Federal government from any areas (including funding) that it is NOT constitutionally allowed to be involved in, and I would make history by forcibly removing (through "military" use if necessary) any Supreme Court judges who have engaged in "judicial activism".

    I would push so much control back to the States, that most of the LEECHES in the Federal Government would wonder what they are supposed to do when they are in town.

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    If I were President, here's what I'd aim for.

    Acknowledge God in my inauguration speech.

    Establish transition of power dates for Afghanistan and Iraq - potentially offering statehood to parts of Iraq and Afghanistan should they choose it.

    Offer Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands statehood. Should they refuse, eliminate their territorial privileges.

    Cutting foreign aid to all countries that are not in a joint defense pact with us.

    Withdraw funding from the UN to a fair share, rather than almost their entire budget.

    End the war on drugs and prompt congress to create legislation to legalize and tax. (I don't use any drugs myself)

    Introduce a balanced budget amendment.

    Promote Flat Tax legislation.

    Begin placing tarriffs and taxes chinese imports to raise funds to pay off chinese debt.

    Introduce tarriffs on code generated in offshore outsourcing rackets.

    End foreign scholarships for american universities.

    End the Jones Act.

    Secure the border with mexico and Canada.

    Promote the repeal of NAFTA

    Promote the dissolution of the Federal Reserve.

    Promote revision of USAPATRIOT to restore civil liberties infringed upon by the law, while providing adequate protection against terrorist attacks.

    Allow Israel to defend itself against the growing threat of Iran.

    Promote religious freedom as opposed to equal censorship for all religions.

    Promote expansion of the freedom of information act through a large project to declassify things that should not be secret.

    Eliminate HUD.

    Combine the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS into one entity with clear supervision by the executive and legislative branches.

    Attempt to repeal the Brady Bill while simultaneously promoting legislation to make gun crime a federal crime with much more stringent penalties.

    Attempt to pay back china.

    The list goes on and on.

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    Good start there, Jimmuh!

    I would add undoing, by Clinton's method (stroke of the pen, law of the land, cool huh?), of the staggering amount of BS the libs have burdened our society with in the form 'regulations' of everything from A to Z.

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