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How to get rid of a ant's nest? + other insects?

I lifted up some pavement in my garden, and there is a bunch of flying ants and spider, Whats the best way to kill them off quickly?

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    Why would you want to kill a spider? They do more harm than good in the garden by catching pests that come in your home, like flies. Ants in the garden are also harmless, they will help pollinate flowers and kill pests such as caterpillars. Termites can be a nuisance, search on the internet for termites/ ants, compare pictures and see which ones these are. If they are ants, leave them alone, if they are termites get in an exterminator. But it would be beneficial to the environment to leave the rest of your garden wildlife alone.

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    The "flying ants" you are talking about may be termites! Spiders are everywhere and do not make a home underground except in the winter. If the ants or termites have nests in the ground (looks like tunnels), simply pour boiling water over the nests to get rid of them.

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    Are you sure that those are "flying ants" and not termites? Are you going to leave this section of ground uncovered? You may want to have a specialist, such as an exterminator, identify the insects and recommend how to get rid of them. If you are going to replace the pavement, there will always be some kind of insects underneath.

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