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Game of preferences... you just have to choose one thing for every couple of choices...?

Let's start:

(Series:) Beverly Hills, 90210 vs Melrose Place

(Models) Naomi Campbell vs Kate Moss

(Movies) Avatar vs Alice in Wonderland

(Directors:) James Cameron vs Tim Burton

(Movies:) Edward Scissorhands vs The Crow

(Actors:) Johnny Depp vs Brad Pitt

(Actors:) Leonardo Di Caprio vs Robert Pattinson

(Actors:) Orlando Bloom vs Antonio Banderas

(Actress:) Meryl Streep vs Glenn Close

(Actress:) Winona Ryder vs Keira Knightley

(Actress:) Angelina Jolie vs Helena Bonham Carter

(Directors) Danny De Vito vs Mel Brooks

(Movies:) Pirates of Carribean vs Prince of Persia

(Movies:) The princess bride vs The neverending story

(Actress:) Nicole Kidman vs Jennifer Aniston

(Singers:) Madonna vs Michael Jackson

(Singers:) Elvis Presley vs Frank Sinatra

(Actors:) Robert De Niro vs Marlon Brando

(Actors:) George Clonney vs Richard Gere

(Movies:) Twilight vs Bram Stoker's Dracula

(Movies:) Corpse bride vs Nightmare before Christmas

(Movies:) From Hell (Jack The Ripper with J.Depp) vs Sherlock Holmes (with R.D.Junior)

(Movies): Interview with the vampire vs Sleepy Hollow

(Actors and Jeet kune do champions:) Bruce Lee vs Brandon Lee

(Actors:) Jackie Chan vs Wesley Snipes

(Best couple:) Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie vs Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis

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    Beverly Hills 90210

    kate moss ( neither really)


    Tim Burton

    The Crow

    Brad Pitt ( wont ever vote for Depp for anything.. he supports Polanski)

    Robert Patterson

    Antonio Banderas

    Glenn Close


    Angelina jolie

    De Vito ( cant vote for Brooks)

    Pirates of Carribean

    The neverendng story (both sucked)

    Jennifer aniston



    Robert De Niro

    George Cloney

    Dracula ( Twilight sucks)

    Nightmare before Christmas

    From Hell

    Interview with the vampire

    Brandon Lee

    Wesley Snipes

    Brad and angelina ( wont ever vote for depp, like i said he supports polanski)

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  • Gail M
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    1. Neither 2. Kate 3. Alice 4. Burton 5.Edward 6. JOHNNY DEPP!!! 7. Leo 8. Antonio 9. Meryl (but it's a tough choice) 10. Keira 11. Helena 12. Mel 13. Pirates 14. Princess Bride 15. Nicole 16. Michael 17. Frank 18. Brando 19. George 20. Dracula 21. Corpse Bride 22. From Hell 23. Sleepy Hollow 24. Bruce 25. Wesley 26. JOHNNY & VANESSA!

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