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EMERGENCY 10 points!! on being a inspector?

please go thru this and explain it to me

i,v been to the website and it says *

A Hong Kong degree, or equivalent; or


An accredited Associate Degree from Hong Kong tertiary institution /A Higher Diploma from a Hong Kong polytechnic / polytechnic university, or a Diploma from a registered post-secondary college awarded after the date of its registration, or equivalent; or


A pass in two subjects at Advanced Level in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (2A) plus three other subjects at grade C or above in the HKCEE (3O), or equivalent.Applicants should possess Level 2 (or Grade E before 2007) or above in Chinese Language and English Language (Syllabus B before 2007) in the HKCEE or equivalent. Applicants not meeting the above requirement may still apply. They will be exempted from this requirement if they are able to pass the Chinese and English Papers in the Written Examination during the selection exercise of Inspectors.

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    Hong Kong Degree = one from a Hong kong University.

    Tertiary institution = undergrad, grad, vocational technical.

    Post-Secondary = Community Colleges, Vocational (Barber, beauty, welding etc) and independent colleges (ITT, etc)

    Poly-technical = Industrial training

    Main Concern is can you pass the English / Chinese Written Exam.

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    1. You forgot to actually ASK a question.

    2. You have NO CLUE what an emergency is.

    3. If you have to ask Yahoo Answers to translate the qualifications, you are not cut out to be an inspector.

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