When is it pool weather in Jo burg, South Africa? What month can people start and stop swimming by?

What month can you start swimming in Johannesburg, South Africa? When is it pool weather or when is it hot enough to swim?

When does the hot pool weather end? What month do people usually stop swimming, because it's too cold or windy?

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    Growing up in Johannesburg, I remember we would always want to swim by early September, but my dad would say we could only swim "after the first spring rains", which is typically late September/early October.

    Many people venture into the water by September, but honestly it is still cold and I wouldn't particularly want to until October. November-January are the best months for swimming, though you might still have some good swimming days in February/March. By April, I would say it is too cold.

    However, our weather patterns have been far less consistent over the past few years, so it is actually a bit difficult to tell for sure.

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    I would say from end September up and until April. I remember last year my children only started swimming late October/November.

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    September it's not the right answer, it's still cold not good to swim, November to end April

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    From mid to late September right through until April.

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