Salary in SATORP and living conditions?

My husband got an offer from one of the companies in jubail (SATORP). We are from India. They offered him ( Basic= 12500 SAR, transp allw= 10% , HRA= 25%, Family status, Medical, child education free, tickets). They are not providing Accommodation and Transportation.

We will be going to jubail and we are having 1 girl age 8 years.

He has 10+ years of experience in electrical maintenance engineering and earning around 9 lakhs (CTC) per anum in India, working in a middle management level. I am seeking an advice from the Indians at Saudi, about these points mentioned below

1) I am confused whether, it is worth a gamble, to leave the secure job environment back home and come down to Saudi. What will be the working conditions and hours on site?

2) Whether the offered package is in accordance with the persons working in SATORP having similar experience? Is there any possibility of negotiation in salary after joining the organization?

3) Where We should take accommodation and its cost for fully furnished house?

4) How will be cost of living (in SAR)?

a) Housing,

b) Electricity and water

c) Internet and mobile

d) Food/ Grocery (Veg only)

e) Purchasing cloths etc

5) Transportation from nearest accommodation and plant. Transportation for children to got to school.

6) General cost of living, leisure

7) School for my son near to accommodation?

8) What are the restrictions of living in saudi arabia for a woman? All I know is that it is very strict and woman can't drive? Is there any limitation for indian TV channels?

9) Is there any limitation for performing hindu rituals/ worship in open or in house/compound also. Taking hindu idols alongwith to Saudi Etc.?

10) What is the procedure to visit nearby countries e.g. Behrain, Dubai, Qatar etc. and its approx. cost.

11) Can He get an opportunity to get job in another companies in Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain etc?

12) Any possibility of getting job for me? I am also B.E. in material science without any industrial experience. But taking tutions at home for CBSE 8th to 10th class students for english, maths and science.

Earnestly looking for a sincere piece of advice from Indian friends at Saudi Arabia?

Please reply as early as possible.

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    You question is too lengthy I can't reply everything. However

    1) Conditions in Saudi Arabia are too strict for expatriates + Recreation stuff is not great. You should have to think it yourself to play this gamble or not. However a lot of people are very happy in Saudi Arabia.

    2) I have no experience in the mentioned company, however the salary package is great, I wish I could have tat.

    3) You can get fully furnished houses easily, although it will be expensive than India.

    4) Jubail is an expensive city, if you want a good flat up to 4 big rooms (2 baths, kitchen, hall) in a good area it will be around 20,000 SR to 30,000 SR /yearly

    Electricity and water will be cheaper than your expectations, you could hardly get a bill 500 SR if you use all your air-conditions for 24 hours a month. Mobile is bit expansive, Internet too ,Food is cheaper, clothes are just OK in price.

    5) These things will not create a big mess for you after having 10 k + salary.

    6) you are repeating same things

    7) repetition, don't worry about these things

    8) yes, good question, women has to wear an abaya when they go outside, yes they can leave face, hands open, yes women can't drive, no there is no limitation on TV, you can watch anything you want even European channels fully opened.

    9) I am not sure, you can do anything at home, no body will disturb you. as per my knowledge no churches/ no mandirs in Saudi Arabia, so outdoor in public it will not be possible.

    10) I don't know that, however if you have money you can do recreation.

    11) It is difficult but not impossible, he has to keep good relationship with employer.

    12) Job for female, yes not difficult, for educated people good jobs & good demand is there. I don't think you need a job when your husband is earning good, just enjoy your life with his money, after all it is for you and your family.

    Overall KSA is good for middle class and VIP people, but not good enough for lower than middle class.

    I am not a Hindu/ not even Indian but I have given you sincere advice as per my knowledge.

    Source(s): myself: an expatriate in Saudi Arabia
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