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Why does every city have a Nazi Holocaust museum, but there are NO Black Holocaust (slavery) museums?

No Jews died like that in the US, but millions of slaves did. Why are there no museums? WHY????

America's Black Holocaust Museum located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the only memorial dedicated specifically to the victims of the enslavement of Africans in the United States. It was founded by James Cameron, America's last living survivor of a lynching.

Cameron died in 2006. In 2008 the museum was closed temporarily due to the scarcity of funding in the current recession. Plans are underway to reopen the museum in a new place and form once funds become available.

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    Jews support their causes with money and volunteers.

    Blacks don't.

    Hey, that's got to be hard to face up to but it's a fact.

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    Because the Slavery of Blacks in America was not a holocaust. Slavery was once a commonly accepted practice, that just took the United States a while longer to abolish. Yes it was a regrettable time in history. However there was no Black Holocaust. Do not go flinging that word around so lightly.

    The Holocaust was the organized extermination of 11 million people all across Europe. It was people used for cruel medical experimentation, calculations of how much pain a person can stand before death, it was a labratory-grade experiment of the most efficient way to end another person's life. It was the singling out of Jews, Gays, Gypsies, handicapped, and anyone that disagreed with the Nazi regime.

    The point of Holocaust museums is to teach people from the past and having people learn from the mistakes of the past. There is no future for slavery. There is still rampant racism and biased based on differences between us. We must learn from our mistakes in the past in order to make sure it NEVER happens again.

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    Is it not enough that you have your own month? your own schools? scholarships for you specifically? Jews don't have any of those things yet you don't hear them on here complaining. You forget that black people sold there own slaves to the English and Spanish, Jews didn't sell there own people or rate them out. But yet you want more because you think you deserve it? Yeah right. Tell you what why don't you work hard at something, save your money, and build a memorial for slaves.

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    It is really sad. I hate to say this but I have too... Jewish people are very proud of each other. They share their pain and hurt with each other. They care about each other. You will rarely hear a Jewish man putting his women down. And even when they are with non-Jewish women they don't put them down. No other race put each other down like blacks do. I see a question a day on here about how ugly black women are or how much they smell etc... Very few black men protect them. This just one of many example of the way we are with each other. Basically, we have to show that we care about ourselves to keep places like that open. We have racism within ourselves. Nothing will improve until we improve.

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    "...the museum was closed temporarily due to the scarcity of funding..." You've answered your own question.

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    Coz Blacks don't need such show .Everyone knows that they have been oppressed for centuries .

    Source(s): History !
  • So you only care about yourself..... how typical.

    Source(s): Gotta make everything about the blacks don't ya....... Yall need to get over yourselves... the Jews accomplished way more than yall ever will. They are coming up with cures for diseases while you are sitting on your couch thinking up a new welfare scheme.... AND BY THE WAY, MY CITY DOESN'T HAVE ONE.....
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