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    Take off the long day’s mask, race toward the boundaries of fantasy

    脫下長日的假面 奔向夢幻的疆界

    The pumpkin coach at midnight, put on the glass slippers of fairy tales

    南瓜馬車的午夜 換上童話的玻璃鞋

    Let me enjoy this feeling, I’m a proud and lonely rose

    讓我享受這感覺 我是孤傲的薔薇

    Let me taste this flavor, what the chaotic world doesn’t understand

    讓我品嚐這滋味 紛亂世界的不瞭解

    Yesterday is too close, tomorrow is too far, silently, reverently listening to the black night

    昨天太近 明天太遠 默默聆聽那黑夜

    The night wind kisses all the lotus blossom leaves, letting me fall, intoxicated, beside the pond

    晚風吻盡 荷花葉 任我醉倒在池邊

    Waiting for you to see my beauty clearly, the moonlight dries all tears away

    等你清楚看見我的美 月光曬乾眼淚

    That one person… love me, take my hand… hold it tightly

    哪一個人 愛我 將我的手 緊握

    Hold me close, kiss me, oh, love, don’t go

    抱緊我 吻我 喔 愛 別走

    Concealing my own exhaustion, expressing my own awkwardness,

    隱藏自己的疲倦 表達自己的狼狽

    Releasing my own wildness, searching for my own tomorrow

    放縱自己的狂野 找尋自己的明天

    I request from you a promise, even if you lie to me,

    向你要求的誓言 就算是你的謊言

    I need the consolation of love, even if that love like water might wash away

    我需要愛的慰藉 就算那愛已如潮水





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    Takes off the long summer days the false face to rush toward the illusion

    The pumpkin horse-drawn vehicle's midnight exchanges the fairy tale the glass shoes

    Let me enjoy this to feel that I am the arrogant wild rose

    Let my this taste chaotic world not understand

    Too near tomorrow too will be yesterday far listens respectfully to that dark night silently The night breeze kisses the completely

    Dutch floral leaf, no matter what I keeled over drunk nearby the pond

    Waits for you to see my beautiful moonlight to season the tear clearly    

    That person likes me gripping tightly mine hand 

    Enclasps me to kiss me oh to like not walking

    Hides own expresses own distress wearily

    Will indulge own pursues own tomorrow wildly

    The pledge which requests to you are your rumor

    I need to like consoling that love already like tide




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