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Are major airlines' airplanes still toxic?

I really want to become a flight attendant, but there is so much info on how toxic the air in the planes are. I know there is one type of plane that doesn't have the toxic air, but will I be able to stick to that one model? I don't wanna get aerotoxic syndrome!

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    The air in airplanes is not toxic. About half the cabin air is draw in from the outside, and the other half is recirculated through hospital-style filters.

    The conspiracy theories about "aerotoxic syndrome" come from the same type of alarmists as those who imagine that condensation trails are "chemtrails" laden with poison. There's no truth to either urban legend.

    The fact that the vast majority of air crew members go through their careers without ever showing any signs of "toxicity" should be proof enough that it's not a problem.

    It is true that a malfunctioning air conditioning system in an airliner can put some bad-smelling and potentially toxic stuff in the air (that would be the event discussed in the CNN article you reference), but that happens only when systems malfunction and is readily fixed. Air conditioning systems in proper working order do not make the air toxic. And if only one or two people become sick while the rest of the flight seems to be fine, the toxic fume hypothesis is difficult to support.

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    Thousands of people fly back and forth across the country every day. If the air was generally toxic, you would be hearing about thousands of deaths or sicknesses. I'm a flight attendant, so i'm on planes all the time. And, I haven't gotten anything more than the sniffles from the air being turned up too high. I take vitamin C supplements each day to keep my immune system boosted. I get my rest, and generally take care of myself. If you do the same, you'll be fine! :)

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    That is a limited event and not very common. That lady was on an very old airplane that isn't made anymore. Most modern airplanes have filters and scrubbers that prevent bad stuff in the air from recirculating.

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