how do i become an environmental engineer?

1. What are the classes I should take in high school?

2. What are some extracurriculars that can help me understand the field?

3. Are there any organizations i can work with to understand the field?

4. What are some good universities in california?

5. How much money do you make?

6. and tips on how to succeed in the field.

Thanks and I live in California.


What is the highest degree I can earn in this field

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hey, I live in California as well and am currently a 2nd-year community college student focusing on majoring in environmental engineering. I've done alot of research and taken many classes so I can answer some of your Q's.

    1. For highschool, definitely take Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus, try to take the AP exams for all of these. Other than that, try to really focus on taking some essential Ge's at community colleges.

    Once you get to college (either community or university, doesnt matter) you will HAVE to take:

    Calc 1, 2, 3, 2-3 Courses of Chemistry, Calculus Based Physics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Programming Class, Engineering Statics and maybe Dynamics, Materials class, CAD class, and maybe some biology depending on your school.

    Don't mean to make you overwhelmed, just be prepared!

    2. Extracurriculars? I'm not too sure, the best thing to do would be to take an internship with some environmental firm. You can research more about Env. Engineering on the net.

    3. There is a student engineering organiation called ASCE

    4. For a job right after college, choose Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or Cal Poly Pomona. Other great schools are: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, CSU Long Beach, Caltech, Stanford, UC Irvine. DON't go to USC's, their program is crap!

    5. According to, Env Engineers can make about 50,000 at LEAST right out of college with a BS.

    6. Be truly interested in environmental protection, don't do it for the money! Genuinely love science, everything from biology to physics to chemistry to differential equations.

    Highest Degree = PhD

    Source(s): - Current College Student
  • 3 years ago

    i'm an Environmentalist at a Uranium mine in Australia (SA) My activity is to ensure that the miners are following strict environmental policies. make valuable that the uranium isn't leaching into the smash. Re-vegetate plant life and learn the animals indoors the mine internet internet site alongside with Kangaroos, rabbits, emus, birds,and so on. you would be waiting to prefer to do a Bachelor of technologies for 3 years at a school like your minor you're doing. you will be able to prefer to be a guy or lady who's in touch indoors the ambience and is desirous to try against for the ambience. you would be waiting to might prefer to be outgoing and luxuriate indoors the exterior. attempt your acceptable in college. pass out into the ambience and easily appreciate it. My beginning earnings replaced into $seventy 2,000 Australian money i'm on the instant on $106,000 AUD simply by actuality the Senior Mine Environmentalist Environmentalist are paid somewhat right not as super as geologists. I fly to the mine with the help of a jet run with the help of the enterprise. I stay there for each week working 12 hour days whether lots of the ladies artwork 9 hour days. i'm then flown living house for 2 weeks. You get to discover the international. help the climate catastrophe. artwork with the biodiversity alongside with animals and plant life and Meet somewhat a sort human beings and the worthwhile pay.

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