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What is orgin of West Point Military Academy?

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    The origin of West Point Military Academy dates back to the revolutionary war, when the colonists perceived the strategic significance of the Hudson River, particularly of an S-shaped curve along the bank in the region known as West Point.

    To control the Hudson was to command a major artery linking New England with the other colonies. General George Washington and his forces gained that control in 1778, occupying the high ground at the S-shaped bend in the river. Washington fortified the town of West Point that year, and in 1779 he established his headquarters there.

    During the war, washington realized that a crash effort to train and outfit civilians every time a conflict arose could never guarantee America's freedom. The country needed professional soldiers. At the end of the war, in 1783, he argued for the creation of an institution devoted exclusively to the military arts and the science of warfare.

    Many changes has taken place since then, but this is the origin of West Point and all that general George Washington had intended and more. From a Revolutionary War fortress, the site at the S-bend in the Hudson became a flourishing center for military and academic excellence.

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    West Point was an important defensive position during the Revolution, and there were two forts across the river from each other, one being Fort Arnold, named to honor the courage the commander had shown earlier in the Revolution, then changed to Fort Clinton when that same commander, Benedict Arnold, tried to turn it over to the British for money.

    Captured cannon was sent there, and officers being trained were sent there to learn about the various cannon placed there. By 1802 all the training of Military officers commenced at West Point, and the Military Academy was officially founded there. In 1845 the Navy left West Point and opened their own academy at Annapolis, MD.

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    A Union Army Post in New York?!

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    West Point !

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