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My daughter says I look "mean" and intimidate the guys she brings home; what can she be referring to?

I'm your average, 6' 1", 220#, tattoo-covered teddy bear of a guy, and I am always courteous when I open the door in my wifebeater, and, holding my can of beer, greet them. I don't understand what she thinks I can possibly be doing that is intimidating them.

I always inquire as to their intended college of choice, and share about my four productive years at the California Institution for Men, Chino; I enjoy telling them how I majored in pipe-fitting, and had the best crew of guys working under me. I ask about their dreams, if they want to be doctors, lawyers or whatever, and always tell about my dreams of getting through just one anger management class without having the police called on me. I like to put people at their ease, you see.

They tell me about their hobbies, such as collecting the latest songs on their iPods, and I proudly show my vast street-gun collection. If there is time before the lad and my daughter go on their date, I show how much I can bench-press, usually following with a mirthful anecdote about how easily it would be for me to, say, pummel a side of beef and make it steak tartare. Being polite, of course, I ask if they like steak tartare, and are at all squeamish about all of the blood.

As you can see, I am a proper gentleman, and do not understand how it could be that my daughter possibly thinks I am intimidating the guys she brings around. She has tried to get past bringing them by, but my wife and I insist on meeting any fellows before she dates. Funny thing, but she has a lot of first dates, but no second ones. Is it possible she can be sending out some vibe that puts them off? She is a beautiful and clever young lady, so I do not understand.

Any advice?

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    I have always looked up to you as my role model for fatherhood. Don't worry about your girl. She's obviously just another ungrateful complaining female.

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    LOL.. i wish you were my dad!! LOL your too funny. Well i dont think its your daughter thats causing it always to be just a 1st date. It could be your gun collection, or the fact that your telling them that your dream would be to get through an anger management class without the cops being called on you. Honestly i dont think there is anything that could be done about these boys being intimidated by you. I think that these boys are too soft for your daughter. Keep up doing what your doing. The man that is supposed to be meant for your daughter will show up one day, and everyday after because nothing scares him, and the things you do entertain him. Good luck..

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    You're "Father of the Year" in my books luv.

    I am really battling to try and understand how your daughter thinks you look mean and intimidating. You say you're 6'1" tall and 220 pounds - so that's not it. Tattoo covered - well, that's definitely not it. You chatted about incarceration, guns and blood. **shakes head** It's got me stumped. What would she prefer you do? Dress nicely, be polite and sober and talk about the weather? Of course she wouldn't.

    Perhaps you could do what I did for my daughter and install an electric fence, a croc infested moat and strategically placed land mines in the garden to really create that welcoming feel for her male friends. Although to tell you the truth luv it was a total waste of time in my case. Turns out the reason my daughter wasn't getting any second dates was because she was putting out on the first date........still, that's what you get for caring.

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    WOW! I'll give you my thought from my own testimonial and experiences in two digits. 26 (17uncles,3brothers,1father,1son,1husband (ex)1fiance(ex)1fiance(presently)1lawyer.

    It's ::Testosterone::

    You see, there is nothing you can do about it. You are not in control of it. It affects the brain, in which travels to you mannerisms involuntarily. A male's "shield" of protection, or scent of empowerment comes naturally by nature. Not that you intend to shout out that certain message, but I believe your "subtle" ways tells your story. You've shown them, at first sight, that, "You've marked your territory"

    Hence, your *scent, is scaring the meeker away!

    Food 4 Thought:

    Early infancy androgen effects are the least understood. In the first weeks of life for male infants, testosterone levels rise. The levels remain in a pubertal range for a few months, but usually reach the barely detectable levels of childhood by 4–6 months of age.[11][12] The function of this rise in humans is unknown. It has been speculated that "brain masculinization" is occurring since no significant changes have been identified in other parts of the body.[13][citation needed] Surprisingly, the male brain is masculinized by testosterone being aromatized into estrogen, which crosses the blood-brain barrier and enters the male brain....STILL IN RESEARCH>

    All that means is that when you grow up, your enhance it, flair it, reach out for tools to EXPLODE it!

    Doctors are STILL trying to disect this mystery. Boys Men it doesn't matter, but both use it, INSTICTIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's my advice for you and your sweet girl.

    Stay away from the house. Don't answer that door. Give her a chance for a second date, for Christ's Sake!

    Then, when she's given that opportunity, and that person comes back a second or third time, you can begin to see or analyze those whom are truly interested, no matter what. You can be yourself as your daughter knows you. She'll have to accept that there'll be one coming along that will confront your senses and meet your demands { she's still your little cub :)) }. That certain "strong male will have it all to impress her first, then you and your wife.

    That's Life As I See It.

    TheBestToYou&Yours :))

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    well id love for my father to be like that but being honest when you say " always tell about my dreams of getting through just one anger management class without having the police called on me" if thats not a joke a guy will defenetly scare his pats off. Im not sure if you meant real guns, but if you did that might really scare alot of guys because couples tend to fight and since the father is always looking to protect their doughters they might get the idea you could use a gun to hunt them down. Sometimes is not how you behave or look is what people understand from you hobbies, experiences ect...

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    maybe your appearne is intimidating, or the bench presing and stuff. You are trying too hard. Just say hi and what's your name and leave them alone. Be a cool dad, not a macho one.

    Next time your daughter has a date watch her closley when you're speaking. If she is crossing her arms, rolling her eyes, persing her lips, looking impatient, or sighing inwardly, that is not a good sigh. It means you need to lay off on the talking and let the kids have a good time. Talk to the guy on a later date.

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    Buddy, I'm with you there. If I ever have a daughter, as soon as she is born I'm going to run out and cover myself in tattoos, shave my head, grow a goatee and start pumping iron. Effe the guys she brings home, they should be scared!!!! Every good father would do the exact same thing you are doing. Keep it up buddy!!!

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    You remind me of my dad, exactly.

    They're probably intimidated by the gun collection, or the anger management class?

    But it might also not be that.

    Guys tend to get nervous when meeting their girlfriends parents, especially her dad, I'm assuming because of the 'Daddy's little girl' factor.

    I know all of my bestfriends are still intimidated by my dad.

    Try small talk that doesn't involve guns?

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    I still have a ways before my daughters are teens. I'm working on expanding my arsenal, and of course, saving up to get more tats. I already have the scarred up face thing going on for me....

    I have no idea why your daughter is embarrassed by your exquisite manners.

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    You OVER JUDGE The boys she brings home. You don't find anything good about the guys. Instead of looking and finding good things about the guys you just find the bad things

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    I keep telling you honey. It ain't your demeanour at the door that worries those boys. It's the fact that you sit in the back seat of their cars with your shotgun all through the date that seems to bother most of them.

    These young fellas is just sensitive is all. You gotta be more subtle or you skeer 'em off. And she'll be 15 come August 1st...we don't want no old maid hangin' round the trailer not pullin' in her fare share of welfare now do we? i got my eyes on that double wide and Cable we don't have to jack off the neighbours.

    That gal needs to be contributin'!!

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