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What is the origin of jane doe?

I was listening to the song Jane Doe by Nevershoutnever! and I kind of know what a John/Jane Doe is but can someone explain a bit more and tell me the origin because at first i thought it was the girl's name :) Thanks in advance!

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    The terms John/Jane Doe are used whenever a person's identity is unknown or cannot be disclosed. It may also be used in testing software; etc where using someone's real name wouldn't be a good idea.

    It was used as early as the reign of King Edward III (that was in the 1300s) to describe unknown persons.

    In the UK, courts can issue a "John Doe Injunction", which is an order against an unknown person. One example of this was when the last Harry Potter book came out and an injunction was put out on anyone who sold copies early. This sparked some controversy, as the subjects of such an injunction couldn't have given evidence in the trial where the injunction was handed down.

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    jand/john doe's are names put on people who are unkown...usually when one dies/lost/ other words nobody has any idea whom they are so they put the tag...Jane or John Doe on them just for records sake

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