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POLL: Whats Worst -- Cheating OR Paying For Sex?

Whats the worst type of cheating? Forming a relationship to cheat on your spouse with someone else, or paying a prostitute for intercourse?

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    Cheating. If you are single you aren't cheating by paying for sex. However, the worst thing about cheating isn't the sex, it's breaking the emotional trust bonds a couple has isn't really the important part of it all when all is said and done.

  • Shawn
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    Cheating is worse for me. At least with a prostitute you both know what the agreement is. If you're cheating you have to lie to someone.

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    Cheating, because it is a betrayal of trust in a relationship. We all pay for sex. When you take your date out to dinner and movies and buy them gifts, you are paying for sex. You are just doing it on the installment plan.

  • Dass
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    I've never been in a relationship before, so I might not be a good judge, but I don't feel nearly as pissed off by the idea of cheating as I feel I should be.

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    Forming an outside relationship,

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    paying for sex.

    cheating is definitely bad but its not forced sex and is usually because the people do like each other but i think paying a prostitute to have sex is just wrong, you barely even know them and there's no reason for it.

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    both the worst but cheating wins by a small bit

  • Anonymous
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    Cheating is worse.Your not breaking anybodys heart by paying for sex.But cheating is really hurtfull

  • It depends on which is more harmful, to both yourself, your spouse, and your secondary partner, as well as any possible effects upon society as a whole.

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    paying because cheating = no self control + lack of respect for your partner BUT paying = no self RESPECT

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