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lumps of fur on my cats back?

there are lumps of fur that are stuck together... it's not sticky but it feels as if it has been glued or gelled together. i tried separating it and it pulls together slowly but it's just really disgusting. i don't wash my cats because they're too big now and they go crazy and it's just a mess. i'm pretty sure this isn't dangerous but i just want to know what it is, are my cats just plain dirty and need a bath? should i brush it out? one of my cats is starting to pull the bunches of hair out and now it's back to normal but the other has the same problem. sooo what's going on?

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    These are called MATS, and they won't go away on their own. The hair entwines itself until it gets right down to the skin, and even a pair of scissors trying to trim the mats off, will pull & hurt the cat. The skin will get ULTRA, for the sake of your cat's health, you should take the one with the worst mats to a groomer, or the vet, and have them "close-clipped". I had to do this with my Himalayan last summer, because I couldn't trim her without it hurting......It's very hard & time consuming to get a comb UNDER the mat ( between the skin and the hair ) so that you can cut the mat WITHOUT cutting the skin!!! So.........

    Call your vet ( or groomer ) and see what the difference in fees is. In my experience, groomers cost even more than the vet........and if your cat is obese, or older, and might need a sedative for the clipping, it's better to have it done at the vet's office.

    My cat didn't need sedation, so it cost $ money I've spent in a long time. Now, I try to keep her combed, so the mats don't "build up" again. Brushing doesn't help as much as combing with a "dog" comb. This particular kind of comb has teeth that "twirl", so they don't PULL as much, but do a great job. It's just that it's an ONGOING thing, with long ( or medium ) haired cats.

    If a cat gets too fat, or old, to be able to twist & keep the mats from forming, they WILL get them......and then they're TORTURED by them.

    Hope this helps........Good luck with your two cats........

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    Cat Fur Matted At Back

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    The fur is matted and they form these lumps and happen more on the back because cats cant reach to groom them selves properly,don't brush it out it will be very pain-full for them,first try using diluted conditioner to soften the matted parts,then use your fingers to try and loosen the knots,then once you can see the skin underneath cut away very gently,best to use a baby scissors as they have a blunted point,do it gently if unsure get a professional groomer to do it,if left it can cause an infection on the skin underneath so it needs to be done,then once its gone brush gently daily to prevent it happening again.

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    If they are long haired and allowed to roam outside quite a lot, their hair will eventually become tangled and matted. This just happens in the course of them roaming around, rolling around, playing/fighting with other cats, etc. The mats will eventually tighten up on your cats and it becomes quite uncomfortable for them...this is why they are trying to pull the mats out themselves. The best way to get rid of them at that point is to simply cut the mats out as close to the skin as possible (of course, without cutting the kitty!)

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    They are matts. You'll have to cut them out carefully with scissors and start brushing your cats more often to avoid them in the future. A high quality diet also helps tremendously with matts.

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    They got into some kind of "trouble" and got themselfs dirty...

    You could try baby wipes to help cleaning in that hard to reach place, cut the lumps of hair or just wait it out...

    What the sticky stuff is will probay remain a secret unless you are nuts enough to smell or taste it... ;-)

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    you might want to try waterless bath for cats. or try shaving or cutting off the clumps of fur.

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