Is There a bug on Yahoo IM?

Ok so this is what is happening im on Yahoo Im and at random it sends a message saying is this you in this pic and all my friends think im doing it can anyone explain to me whats going on?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It seems there is a nasty virus going around Yahoo Messenger. Several people have been asking about this facebook link or whatever it is. Do not click the link, it a virus. I hate to say this but if these messages are being sent from your ID to your contacts then it means your computer is infected with this virus. Here is how you can remove it, First is Avast free edition anti-virus ( I use this one it works great )…

    Next is CCleanner, this will find all the junk files on your computer delete them. It never deletes anything you need, I use this everyday.

    Next, Spybot search and destroy, this one scans your computer for harmful spyware, dialers, etc, it will remove them.…

    Last is Glary Registry repair, this will scan your computers registry and give you the option to repair the problems it has found

    All of these programs are completely free to download and use.

    If you run these programs and it doesn't work, try running them when your computer is in safe mode. To put your computer in safe mode, shut it down, turn it back on while it's in the process of booting up press F8. when your computer starts up it's gonna look funny, don't worry it's supposed to. Safe mode is your computer running on the bare minimum. You won't even have your desktop picture. It's not needed for your computer to run so it won't load.

  • 9 years ago

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