how might russia be affected if separatist groups gain independence from the mother country?

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    This could affect Russia and the world as a whole either a lot or not at all.

    The fist scenario would be that it would not affect the Russia/world at all. Sure when the USSR broke into many different countries it changed the world to the highest degree, but that is because it was one of the worlds' super powers, but Russia today is still attempting to become a major regional power in both Europe and Asia (which is has failed at doing). And let’s face it the parts of Russia that are attempting to separate from Russia are very poor parts of Russia, and are only a buffer zone between Russia and the Middle East.

    The second scenario could be that Russia would get a lot of good out of it. The cost of the ongoing civil war is immense; think about it for the US, if Detroit (one of the poorest cities in the US) tried to leave the US for Canada, it would benefit the US. This is that the US would no longer have to pay all of the money it was sinking into Detroit, and they can use it for the more prosperous endeavors. So if the poor areas of Russia suddenly disappeared off the Russian tax base, they would have about the same amount of tax coming in, and less being spent on programs.

    The third idea is that it would obliterate Russia. You must realize that Russia was started when the Grand Duchy of Muscovy found that it was in a placement to fight the invading Mongolians. When other Duchies found that Muscovy was able to protect them, they joined the Grand Duchy for protection. Well all of these Grand Duchies are still present in Russia today (they are the municipalities) and they still have their old traditions, and still value their independence. If these groups see that the poorer groups can through a simple fit, compared to what these municipalities could do, they might consider doing the same for themselves. This would mean no more Russia and hello many, many small countries of differing power.

    Although these scenarios are different from each other, they would also happen in small bits at the same time. Some other regions might try to leave Russia, others might not, and it is toss up for now. But what is known is that Russia really doesn't want the southern states to leave Russia.

    Source(s): I am sorry about the spelling, but my spell check isn't working, and I really don't want to reread this more hten once. All of the information has come from college history classes and personal research.
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    do not think of its gonna take place as Russia is at present influencing elections in international locations that was below the U.S. umbrella and is enacting an anti-treason regulation that would punish people who talk out against the government-no trial only directly to judging and sentencing.

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