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Swimsuit for my body type..?

I'm looking for a bathing suit that can fit my body type.

I can say that:

my legs and longer than my torso

i wear 34 AA bra size (31 inches around my bust)

butt size (35 ish inches around my butt)

nicely toned legs and arms

light milky chocolate coloured skin

Yes i know, I have a quite large butt, and pretty small bust but im 14.

I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on what style swimsuit and colours will maybe make my bust look bigger and my butt look smaller.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Maybe someone can tell me also what clothes look better on my body shape and what body shape I have.

Checklist of what answers I want:

* prefered colours for my skin tone

** what type of swim suite would flatter my body shape

*** what body shape I am

**** what kind of clothes will flatter my body shape

***** what stores carry good price, good quality swimsuits (in canada)


I have brown eyes

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    Preferred Colors for Your Skin Tone?

    - I think I bright color would really pop with your skin tone. You don't want to get a neutral colored one because then it would just blend in to your skin, and it wouldn't be as fun. I suggest like a bright royal blue, or a bright purple. I also suggest you have a solid color for the bottoms with a funky pattern on the top. It will highlight your bust and minimize your butt.

    What Type of Swim Suit Would Flatter Your Body?

    - For the top, I would suggest one of these 3 styles... First, a padded triangle top. They will fill you out and push you up in a natural looking way. Here's a picture of one of these types of tops... Next, You could use a top that has a cinched bandeau in the middle. It creates a flattering, curvier, rounded shape. Here's a picture,

    Another type of top is a ruffle top. It creates in illusion that you have a bigger bust than you really do. Here's a picture.

    For the bottoms, Find one with a super thin inseam instead of a band. This will make it rest on your butt without clinging (sorry, i couldn't find a picture to show you this)

    What Body Shape Are You?

    - Probably a pear shape, but that's hard to determine without seeing you.

    What Kind Of Clothes Flatter Your Body Shape?

    -For Pants I would always go with a dark denim. The dark wash stretch jeans give you a sleek look0 plus they hug and boost your butt so it looks perky. As for tops, always go for ruffles and frills to really maximize and draw attention to your chest. I find v- neck tops always are flattering for that body shape.

    What Stores Carry A Good Price and Good Quality Swim Suits?

    - Well, I'm not sure I can answer this because I live in the U.S. But I know down here I get a lot of my bathing suits from Target and JC Penney. I'm not sure if they are where you live too.

    Well sorry I know that was a lto, but I hope I helped (:

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    (Im a 14 year odl girl)

    35 inches around around you butt isnt big dont worry ;),I'm forty something around my butt. :p

    (Bikini 4 sure)

    Kay well I think bathing suits with ruffles, stripes, plaid will

    Ussually string bikini's make people look smaller, so try a halter type (:

    Don't get a strapless one.

    Colours: Hot Pink 4 sure

    , blues, white, black, yellow, pretty much any bright colour

    Try skinny jeans, high waisted skirts (try sirens and garage), you cant wear anything :)

    Stores that you should try are aeropostale, bluenotes, bikibi villagage (but they're expensive), american eagle, garage, old navy

    Source(s): Im 14
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  • 10 years ago

    get Seventeen's summer issue, they have swimsuits for every body type!

    I say get a ruffled bikini top, and maybe a matching ruffled bottom!

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  • 10 years ago

    welllll...I suggest a bikini because 1. it will compliment your long legs 2. one pieces might make your legs look too long and your torso and upper body kinda fat

    hmmm..jeans, miniskirts and short shorts will compliment your legs and dont wear tight bottoms or too loose bottoms bcuz tht might make ur butt look bigger. and tight layered shirts

    pink,blue,green light colors depending on your eye color

    idk about stores cuz i dont live in canada

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  • 10 years ago

    yes, that issue of seventeen has lots of bikini styles in it... itll show you what you need

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