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Ramadan - If you are not too busy wasting your time here, can you please answer this?

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    Imam Ibn Hazm narrates : "It has come from Umar, Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf, Mu'ath Ibn Jabal, Abu Hurayrah and other companions that anyone who skips one obligatory salaah until its time has finished becomes a murtadd (apostate). And we find no difference of opinion among them on this point. " (Al-Munthiri in "At-Targhib Wat-Tarhib")

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    The in seek of of expertise is mandatory for each Muslim. [Tirmidhi] “seem at people who've decrease than you & no longer who've greater effective than you, to make certain to no longer depreciate God's favors” [Muslim] If Allah needs to do stable to a guy or woman, he makes him understand the religion. [Bukhari] Whoever invites to stable gets the advantages of that stable action [Muslim] A undesirable pious guy is a miles better marriage suitor than a wealthy guy who isn't pious. [Bukhari] the perfect between you (Muslims) are people who study the Qur'an and teach it. [Bukhari] There are 3 varieties of persons whose prayers is incredibly no longer rejected and one in each and every of them is people who've been oppressed [Tirmidhi] The Muslims are like one physique: if one organ complained, something of the physique develops a fever. [Bukhari]

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    Please ask the question already!!!!

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