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Do you know a reliable source on Palestine history?

As you are all aware, Palestine "Arab land" for thousands of years and considered as the heart of the Arab world, located at the east coast of the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by Arab land from all directions. Never been ruled by non-Arab or Islamic nations except for short periods of occupation by foreign armies and usually liberated after sometime!

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    History is, for the most part, war propaganda. Palestine never won any wars, so the stories are all told by the triumphant kings. What I know of Arabia was taught to me by English speaking Christians. I did read the Holy Qur'an (the English translation) after Mohamed Atta and the other flying pigs attacked my country. The story is good and true, but all of the interpretations by the Prophet's uncles and cousins are filled with hatred, an unholy thing.

    Clearly, Islam was manifested to counter the claims that God had visited Earth in the body of a man, which was not a solidified idea until after the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. We know that the Prophet Mohamed was visited to remind the people that Jesus came to enforce the laws of Moses, which the scholar and Christianity founder Paul had discarded, all but the the first law, "I am the one true God."

    Paul does the same thing to Jesus's message that the Islamic scholars do to Mohamed's. How else can the first page of a divine book instruct a father in the proper ways to beat a child? This is the kind of thinking that makes people strap bombs to themselves and kill people who are mostly sympathetic (or at least indifferent) to their plight. The twisting of scripture to fit our hatred is the most evil thing man does.

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    Nonsense. You've really bought into the spin, because nothing you've stated is accurate.

    A Jewish Monarchy under King Saul was established about 1050 BC. They built the First Temple about 100 years later - right about the same place the Arabs later built the Dome of the Rock. about 50 years after that the Kingdom divided into Judah and Israel. The land that spent a few hundred years under the pagan Assyrians, Babylonians, Macedonians, and Romans - still basically Jewish territory though, as seen by the Jewish Revolts. It was only after all this that Islam even started to be heard of. The Arabs didn't move in until half way through the first century AD. Half a century after that it was the Christians that took over. Then the Ottoman Turks who aren't Arabs either. And finally the Jews returned to their traditional home. It isn't and never has been traditionally Arab land

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    No, I wasn't aware of that. It was considered the pest-hole of the Roman empire. Greek and Macedonian officials also considered a posting there a faith worse than death. The Arab world was, thousands of years ago non existent. Perhaps Nabatea, Syria, but not much more. Anything beyond that were nomadic tribesmen (=barbarians). Or Parthians, but that is a completely different story.

    But do keep on dreaming. Be proud of what you never have been!

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    Philistines is the original habitation of The ancient Philistines (Canaanites) even before Biblical of the earliest known civilizations was The land area of Palestine(the Land of Canaan).Philistines are the Canaanites whom they lived in Philistine before Biblical times.we are Canaanites before we become Muslims or Christians & before God created Arab & jews. this our land and we know our history and we know who we are.Go home find you a trash dumpsters to build ur jew history & heritage.

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    Of course I do,

    I'm Palestinian citizen driven out with my family "father, mother and children" and other villagers, out of our village Ainabus, west of Nablus in 1967 on the math of the Israeli occupation of our land.

    I still remember our house, trees, hen hut and small dogs which we left behind. I was riding a donkey and still remember a long line of people and animals which you cant see its end before me and after me heading for the east bank, Jordan.

    This is the history of our land, lives, past and future which we will not forget and inherit to our children and grand sons!

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    It was conquered and occupied by Babylon, and Macedonia, and Iran (Persia), and Rome, and the Ottomans, and England ....

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