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i keep on getting messages in y-messenger asking if it is me on the pic with a link attached? is this a virus?

i got the messages from most of my contacts. even they said that they got the same message from me. i have not opened the link fearing that it is a virus

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    That is a virus. I hate to say this but if they have received the same message from you, then that means your computer is infected with this virus as well. The virus is sending this link to your contacts.

    Removing Messenger and reinstalling it will not get rid of the virus because the virus is on your C-drive. Here are some free programs you can download and run. These should find the virus and other spyware and remove all of it. First is Avast free edition anti-virus ( I use this one it works great )

    Next is CCleanner, this will find all the junk files on your computer delete them. It never deletes anything you need, I use this everyday.

    Next, Spybot search and destroy, this one scans your computer for harmful spyware, dialers, etc, it will remove them.

    Last is Glary Registry repair, this will scan your computers registry and give you the option to repair the problems it has found

    Again all of these programs are completely free to download. You will have to register for the Avast free edition anti-virus after you download it. It's good for 1 year then you will have to register again but it's still free. They do not spam you in anyway though. The other programs don't ask for any personal information or registartion of any kind, they don't even ask for your email address so no spam. If you need more help you can email me from my answers profile.

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  • 10 years ago

    Don't open it!

    Once you download it, it mysteriously changes into a .exe. Can't really say if its a virus but i don't even want to risk it!! I also got two messages yesterday from my contacts concerning a pic of me on facebook. Never touched facebook!

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