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do i really need waiver i left 10 years?

This is the information about the steps done by me; regarding my case.

The following have been sent to the US embassy and approved:

* the I-130

* bio-data;G-325 (for both me and my wife)

* a certificate copy of my Marriage License and a document of final Divorce Decree(of the previous marriage),was sent.

* Affidavit Of Support; I-864(my brother-in -law is my CO-SPONSOR ,my wife was not eligible because she never worked).

my case was approved sep 10 2009 by uscis.

I had an interview on MARCH 19 2010.I went to Islamabad and was refused because when I went I did not take the following documents:

* proof of domicile

* my original birth certificate

* and my US residency card

and they were going to investigate the drug paraphernalia

We sent the above documents to US embassy in Islamabad. They sent me an email saying, that they have received the above documents and accepted them.

They then emailed me; requesting to send them my criminal records of weapon charges and drug paraphernalia. They also asked What was the punishment involved, What was the jail time and What was the fine. I provided them with the required documents by Harris county district clerk

After receiving the above documents they sent me an email that I am ineligible, and in order to over come the ineligibility

I have to file a waiver;


i forgot to mention my 10 years ban had ended on july 18 2010. i have been living with my US citizen wife and my 4 US citizen children in PAKISTAN; for the whole 10 years

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    you are ineligble to enter the US ....

    You will need a very good lawyer for the waiver

    it will not be easy to get there

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