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Which international team has a better chance to win at the 2010 FIBA Turkey Basketball World Championships?

From August 28 through September 12 we will experience a unique World Championship.

As we all know, the great stars of "Dream Team" USA will not play this summer in Turkey. Who has a better chance of winning then?

Argentina's Manu Ginobili won’t play, France's Tony Parker won’t play and Spain's Pau Gasol won’t play either. So which star is going to play? Cast your comment and tell me!

Players and Reasons:

Kobe Bryant: "It's a combination of three things: free agency, injuries and having gone hard for a long time,'' Colangelo said. "And I'm OK with that."

Lebron James: "I got a really, really, really, really, really busy summer,"

Dwane Wade: “I understand that this is a very challenging summer, but a very important summer for me”

Dwight Howard: “Get some rest. Come back next season better.”


Pau Gasol: “I am convinced that the National Team will continue to enjoy the maximum expectations by having great players, there for the options are true and possible.”

Tony Parker: ‘I don’t want to play on the national team this year, and that’s because I played the last five summers’

Manu Ginobili: The San Antonio Spurs guard said he is skipping the tournament because his wife is scheduled to give birth to twins next month, and because he wants to stay healthy. (Espn)

Am I missing someone? Please tell!

My Opinion: Puerto Rico has a good chance since two former NBA stars Carlos Arroyo and Jose Barea are going to play; this team won a gold medal in the "Centroamericanos" on June and are right now chasing gold in Mayaguez 2010.

PS: Someone is Angry...

"If someone chooses not to play this summer just because he chooses not to play, there's no guarantee he'll be in London," said USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo."


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    We're ****** without Kobe

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    The team everyone is overlooking right now is Australia. All they've done is warm up by spanking every team they've played in the lead up to the tournament, including Argentina, Greece, Turkey and China.

    Look out for Patty Mills, Joe Ingles and co to surprise a lot of people.

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    Greece will take it, since we have Diamantidis, Vassilopoulos and Tsartsaris back. The 3 other top teams (Spain,Argentina and USA) miss a lot of key players. Greece finished 3th at Eurobasket without them so imagine what we can do with them in addition. Also they play as a team, with spirit. Greece will beat USA (again) in final.

    Best of luck to Serbia also.

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    Puerto Rico also has Renaldo Balkman, a former Denver Nuggets NBA player, this team has a good chance.

    On the other hand, Greece will come with power and will try to beat everyone who passes through them.

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    Republica Dominicana: Charlie Villanueva - will play, former Cavalier.

    Germany haven’t named Dirk Nowitzki in the 16-man squad for the first national team, neither Chris Kaman.

    Dirk Nowitzki: Dallas

    Chris Kaman: Clippers

    Trevor Ariza said that he will play for The Dominican Republic if they are given a "wild card"

    ARIZA, CISCO, CHARLIE V, and AL HORFORD in the same team - nice

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    My opinion:

    For the Win: Spain, France and USA

    For the Medal: ... and Greece, Serbia, Porto Rico

    May surprise: ... and Slovenia, Russia, Lithuania, Brasil, Turkey

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  • Argentina because they play like a team. Even when Ginobli is on the team, he's a star among stars. Their other guard is ruthless and their inside players are tenacious rebounds. Vive Argentina!

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    now seriously, i just hope we make it to the 2nd round!! We've beaten France & Venzuela in 06 so its not impossible.

    Dirk Nowitzki will also miss the World Cup!!

    I think Spain are gonna repeat, and u can't count the US ever!! They still have Durant, Rose....

  • id go between spain and usa

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  • 9 years ago

    spain or usa

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