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Libs: If Republican Presidents were fiscally responsible would they be more bearable?

Simply put, if Reagan had paid down the deficit without skyrocketing the military budget and tax cuts or if Bush 43 had paid down the deficit instead of giving tax cuts going into Iraq or medicare Part D would you dislike them less?

I'm pretty sure I would, I wouldn't like them, but I wouldn't completely not trust them as paying the deficit down is a great goal when they can stop giving tax-cuts.

What do you think?


So many great answers, I laughed at the Holt roller snake handler comment.

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    What I disagree with republican on is that they believe that rich shouldn't get tax at all. And that it is harder on a rich man to get tax 40 percent than it is on a poor.

    A man making 100 million dollars can live of the other 60 million dollars. but a person making 25 thousand can't live off 15 thousand. Conservative believe other wise. And if not believe the poor should have to claw through life to make ends.

    This survival of the fittest, best connected, shrewd minded, or lucky is not my cup of tea. pond intended.

    Fiscal responsibility is one thing, but social neglect is unacceptable and immoral.

    You won't hear a peep from republicans on the trillions spend on missiles, wars, etc.. but let that money be invested on Americans, and all hell breaks loose.

    We send 3 billion(not counting charity drives) a year for 62 years, to Israel because the religious right, and most democrats as well, have this bond with Israel based on religious bigotry. And mean while Israel is laughing to the bank with our money, and laughing at us for being so superstitiously naive. But let that money be spend on a Americans. You will hear a different tone. we practically give Israel 3 thousand a year per Jewish family house hold.

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    It takes more than fiscal responsibility to make a good Presidency. But yes, they'd be less reprehensible to me.

    The problem is, the places they'd make cuts to balance the budget is where I'd find issue.

    I seriously doubt we'll see a Republican President cut bloated military spending over social programs.

    So, the argument isn't as simple as the question you pose, because it doesn't address all the inherent flaws as I see it with many Republicans and their viewpoints overall.

  • No. I've observed the Republican Party for several years now, and I know their game. I truely believe the Republican Party is bad for America and that we should work to get as many voted out as possible.

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    Certainly... the fact is, even their supposed tenets are violated, and the only real allegiance they have is to Big Business, to to exclusion of everything else... no matter what, the social policies they advocate, mostly to pander to their bigoted base, makes them unelectable, in my opinion.

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    That is exactly why the Tea Party activists are involved in the primaries, to get Republican candidates that are true conservatives and will govern responsibly.

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    I can't stand the bible thumping and pretending that poor people "deserve" it.

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    no they would still be holy rolling snake handling fascists.

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    And this thing we have now IS.........??????? NOT!!!!!!!!

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