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Should I take French & Spanish at the same time?

I'm finishing up my bachelors this summer, and never had the opportunity to take a foreign language course while getting my BS. I'm planning on traveling next year, so I want to take Spanish at my local community college. I was also thinking about taking French at the same time. Is this a bad idea? Would it be more difficult to learn two languages at the same time? I took 2 years of Spanish in high school, but I don't remember any of it.

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    No - I think it is OK to take one at a time.


  • Short answer, yes.

    Long answer, yes - but I don't recommend it.

    If you insist on taking two languages simultaneously, you should take one first and become proficient at it and then begin the next. For example, I took two years of Spanish - becoming proficient and being able to talk in complex conversation. Then, I began learning French. That way, the two languages will become confusing and your progress will stagger not to mention the frustration you will have.

    Too many words sound alike and pronunciation is not that different (relatively speaking; if you compare Arabic and Chinese, that's definitely more different than French and Spanish). They belong to the same language family and many grammar rules are similar. When I learned French, I started speaking Spanish with a French accent - not good! I stopped learning French for a month or two and focused on Spanish to get that habit out.

    I would wait until your Spanish is excellent until you learn French. Teachers often say to wait even a few years to learn another language, but I think that is superfluous. If you think you can handle it, go for it.

    Source(s): Fluent in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish.
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    I took both Languages at the same time, and even though I had taken French longer than Spanish (about 3 years) I would confuse French and Spanish, and want to answer in French in my Spanish class, or vice versa. It's not hard, it just makes the process a little longer, and it's a bit annoying, but if you plan to learn just enough to get around, then it's not a bad idea, since both languages are very similar, in terms of structure and . Spanish is much easier to learn, in my opinion, and much easier to understand than French, French takes a while to understand, the pronunciation is so much different.

    Source(s): Took French for 10 years, Spanish for 4
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    French and Spanish are somewhat similar in that they are both "Latin" languages, and some of the written words look familiar. It would be easy for you to confuse the two, even if you did not take them at the same time. (I have had several friends who experienced this in the past).

    If you are planning to travel to France, they (in general) are a little less forgiving about language mistakes than other cultures, so you may want to minimize the confusion.

    Source(s): Spanish/French teachers I've had in the past.
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    its not bad but if you can handle keeping the language separte from the other then you are learning french and portuguese right now and i can keep them apart

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    if they are both first year courses, it should be fine. you will be able to relate them, but you have to make sure to keep them separate.

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