Hotels in Pittsburgh?

There are 4 of us (all 23 years old) traveling to Pittsburgh in August for 3 days. We are planning on going to a Pirates game as well. What are some nice hotels in the area? We want to go out at night and do as little driving as possible. The Hilton looks great on the websites but the reviews aren't that great. Any insight would be great!! Thanks :)


Thank you for your help!! I appreciate it! I just looked at the Sheraton, beautiful! I think we will definitely do one night there - do you know of another one, a little less expensive, but in the downtown area that we could spend the second night?

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    The Sheraton at Station Square is a good option. It's right on the river in the middle of bars, nightclubs, restaurants. From there you can take a short boat ride on one of the riverboats that are used as shuttles to and from the game. They drop you off right at the stadium.

    The Hilton would be my last choice but it is a nice walk to the stadium from there. There's just nothing going on near there, that I know of unless they are having a river or arts festival.

    OK, I've thought about this for awhile. If I were 23 and with my friends, I would stay at the Sheraton Station Square. From there, make it to the section of Pittsburgh called The Southside. It's close. Live music, bars, restaurants, shopping. Make sure you go to a place called the DoubleWide Grill. It's a converted gas station, outside seating. Very casual, lots of people your age. Most of the places in the Southside are in old buildings, which I think adds to the whole experience. Everything is pretty much on 1 street. There is one modern area with all the new stores (Sur Le Table, REI, Steve Madden, Puma, Cheesecake Factory etc) But you can go to those places anytime anywhere.

    Don't forget to ride the incline up to Mt Washington for dinner some night. Great view and lots of great restaurants.

    Best Sunday Brunch at the Grande Concourse right next to your hotel-highly acclaimed

    Have a great time. I'm so glad you're going to see the Pirates. Drink before you go. Bottles of beer are $6.75. Ouch!

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    There are a lot of choices downtown. The person who advised you on the Sheraton gave you good advise. Here are a couple other options.

    There is another section of town called the Strip District. There are many bars and several nightclubs, shopping, and restaurants( the original Primanti Brothers is in the Strip). Pamela's has the best breakfast in town. There is a Hampton Inn located there that would be easy walking (stagering & crawling) distance. (One of only a few strip bars in Pittsburgh is in the strip, Cheerleaders. There is also a really nice brew pub, the Church Brew Works that is close to the strip.

    Another option is the Marriott Springhill Suites located next to PNC park. There are several bars accross the street that are very lively before and after pirate games. There are also a few good restaurants that include Atrias, Hyde Park, and Jerome Bettis Grill.

    Both of these hotels are fairly new, should be reasonably priced.

    Source(s): I live in the Burgh
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    There are lots of hotels in Pittsburgh. The only concerned is your budget. The best thing to do is to search in the internet. And if possible have a reservation through their websites.

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    You could try the Double Tree. Also, the Hilton is in a good location, I don't see why it would be so bad but you never know. I've never been inside.

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