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Obama has a body double, Van Jones recieved an award from the N (double) ACP? Where's the media coverage?

Obama--> body double--> N (double) ACP-- King Samir Shabazz--> Let off by Eric Holder--> Appointed by Obama.

Is it really that difficult to discover? Where are the journalists at on this? Has anyone stopped to ask if Obama's body double knows Van Jones?

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    Van Jones- an avowed Communist- was picked by Obama to be in his inner circle.

    Source(s): CNN finally showed some journalisic integrity and reported on the Black Panthers scandal. Van Jones criticized them for being "like Fox". No other TV media outlet has reported on the scandaleven though there has been live hearings in court on these serious allegations.
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    Why do liberals would desire to deny the reality. FOX education has a Conservative bias and communicate radio is ruled via utilising Conservatives. that's a actuality, now no longer something i can do or say will replace that. outdoors of those mediums basically approximately all distinctive kinds of media are ruled via utilising liberals. that's a actuality which you or i would be unable to interchange. Why is it something which you adventure the would desire to dispute or deny. it variety of feels as though liberals spend optimal of their time attempting to persuade something of the international that the failings they believe in and the education suitable with them are not any further easily. i think of it ought to assist you to to reason in case you have been basically truthful and reported you ideals for specific; no longer better reinventing your self. As one greater bonus you does now no longer would desire to bear in concepts what label you're utilising on a daily basis; you does now no longer would desire to learn the talking factors to bear in concepts as quickly as you're a socialist, a liberal or a inventive or inspite of comes next. Simplicity is magnificent frequently circumstances.

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    Someone needs to post some evidence. I, admittedly, voted for 'bama and am slowly becoming a conservative based on his actions. Let's bring up the list: BP, Israel, Mexico, Job Market, and blaming the previous President for current troubles. As for drill baby, drill, I agree, repubs done ****** up. I think it's time to search for alternative forms of energy. But back on subject. I really need to see where this info is coming from, because otherwise your guys' communist theory is just as sturdy as the truthers' theories on 9/11. I really want to see this stuff, guys. I'm pretty good at seeing false info.

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    Media coverage?? From who. CNN? Ha, they are owned by obama.. every network with the exception maybe of Fox is terrified of Obama and his Gang.

    Ever wonder why there is absolutely no negative press about Barry... he won't allow it.

    he's the king!

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    Who is Van Jones. Was he the environment guy?

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    im a republican and my butt is still sore from the 2008 elections so im going to spend the rest of my life trying to tear down every and anything about Obama.

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    maybe the double's smarter!!

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