How to keep 4 kids (2 girls age 7, 2 boys age 5) peaceful for 3 straight days?

I don't work so I'm home with my kids during the day. My daughter will be 8 next month and my son will be 6 in October. I invited my best friends kids over for the next 3 days, (her daughter turned 7 in May and her son turned 5 in April) and I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to handle conflicts to keep things as manageable as possible. Should I separate them if they have too many arguments? Should I make the boys take naps in the afternoon? One day we'll go swimming so that day should be okay but all kids get irritated with one another so I'm looking for ideas or strategies to help keep my sanity. Thanks so much!


Wow! Thanks so much to everyone for their suggestions...I honestly didn't think I would have received any responses. David, Jenny and all make it too hard for me to vote on...what is it...a "best answer"?? I will use all of your advice as I experience this endeavor for the first time! And if all else fails, I'll take Angelica's advice, assuming the sedatives are intended for myself! LOL!


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    I would try to be proactive, set some rules about sharing and getting along in advance and then remind your kids of the rules often. The first day might go okay but they may become tired of each other after that so give your kids some time to themselves or what they may be used to normally.

    sidewalk chalk, play-doh, board games... these may help give the kids things to do together

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    Rules are always good. I stayed with my sister for a few months and she has two boys around the same age as my son. I also have a 3 year old girl. The fighting was non stop day in and day out. Sharing was difficult for everyone. The only thing you can do is keep them busy busy. When one acts up, time out or send them to another room. Take them to the playground and wear them out. It is very very nice of you to do that for your best friend. Try and keep everything the same (drinks, snacks, McD's toys) less fighting lol.

    Source(s): p.s. I watched my nephews for 2 days so my sis could go with hub to a resort. The second and third day my oldest nephew cried during the night. It's tough for kids to understand things. Make sure to leave a sweater or shirt or something behind with Mom's perfume on it. Something to sleep with, especially if the kids are still a little young.
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    i would make sure to keep snacks out at all times because so many meltdowns are actually the result of being hungry (which leads to grumpiness in many people, adults included!)

    i'd also keep an eye on them. if you sense something is starting to get heated, jump in and offer a change of scenery, a new super fun game, or just a distraction of some sort. if you wait to intervene when things are REALLY falling apart, it's *much* harder to bring things back to running smoothly.

    good luck!

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    Heavy Sedative.

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  • 9 years ago

    give them the same thing so they won't go i want what he has and stuff plus put them in front of the TV or play some games

  • 9 years ago

    There will be upsets.

    There will be tears.

    There will be arguements.

    Kids are kids.


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