Turner Mfg Co Chicago IL?

I have 5 pictures that all have a red and white sticker on the back on the frames They all have item numbers. I would like to know the value of these pictures.

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    The Turner Manufacturing Company were at one time the largest producer of low cost Decorative Art and mirrors, which was sold in department stores and "Five & Dimes". They were based in Chicaco and went out of business by about 1975. All of their art work was mass produced and still exists in large numbers, so values tend to be quite modest for their pieces in the current market. Most prints and artwork by them sell for less than $60.00.

    The company made inexpensive prints of a variety of old Masters and Modern art for low cost decorating. They will never be collector's items, or likely even gain much in value as they were mass-produced items. Damaged or worn examples by the company are difficult to sell, and often sell as part of box lots.


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    Turner Manufacturing Company

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    larger ones cost more

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