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Questions about The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas?

1. Can I still apply to be a student next year?

2. Does Hockaday allow students to be enrolled mid-year?

3. Could I join Hockaday my senior year? Do they allow that?

4. Is Hockaday the best private school in the Dallas area? If not, what is? I don't mind if its co-ed or single sex, btw.


I'm 16 btw, and will be a junior next school year.

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    Hockaday is already working on September 2011 admissions, the decision letters for Sept 2010 were sent out in March, with the whole process starting in Sept/Oct the year before. You can call and ask if you can apply for Sept 2010, but the chance of being admitted is extremely slim.

    Unless you are attending a similar school and your family moved, it is highly unlikely that that would take you mid-year. School curriculum varies and most high school classes are full year courses. Also, there is almost no chance that there would be a space. They only accept 15 students in 9th grade, and in 10th and 11th, they only admit if someone leaves, and only if they find a suitable replacement.

    Nope, you likely would not be admitted for your senior year, they don't even offer an application for rising seniors. That's all about college and you may not have the right credits to graduate as high school curriculum differs. It would be very difficult to be admitted as a junior unless you were of National Merit Finalist caliber, and a sure bet for a top college, and they had an open space.

    *Best* is what is best for the student, the right fit. Hockaday is a good school for girls who do well with a very rigorous curriculum. If you're not going to be at the top of the class and stand out, there is no point in trying to be admitted at this late date. If you haven't been in private school, you will be shocked at the difference in curriculum, even if you are at the top public school in the state and you are the #1 student. (Public school standardized testing isn't a good gauge, it's far easier than the private school testing.) It's that tough at private schools like Hockaday. You need to stand out (do something amazing, national awards, etc) to be admitted to a top college, have a 4.0+ GPA, and 2100+ SATs. It's very hard to stand out in a top private school class, and that's your first line of competition.

    Call then and speak with them!

    Good luck!

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