TOMs Shoes- what do you think?

I'm half-and-half when it coms to TOMs. Kinda like them, but I'm not completely sold.

If you DO like them, which style&color/design do you like best?

And what should I wear them with? (No shorts or skinny jeans xD)


Oh, and are they VERY comfy?

Our high school has like 3 different buildings w/ 2 stories each. Ima be walking a LOT xD

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I Absolutely adore TOMS shoes! I have the ash colored classics and they are very comfy(they go with ALMOST everything)! I don't really like to wear shorts with them but with skinny jeans they look really cute. I was half-and-half too about a few weeks ago but after getting them in the mail I cant take them off lol! Also, I do get told that my shoes are the ugliest shoes ever but I dont care..I know buying them was for a good reason. One For One


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