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what does 22 22 mean in dream?

Hello there, i have dreamt about numbers. someone phoned me while i am sleeping in my dream and i answered the call in my dream. some people were working on the street, so i couldnt understand what the caller said and she asked me if i can call her back. she left her number which is really interesting 0700 22 22. i googled it 0700 numbers are private numbers which can be named also FOLLOW ME numbers and i didn't know that. but i dont know what 22 22 means is. also while i was writing her number down i did mistake i wrote it down 222 but i filled last 2 with pen so it was look like 220 22 but zero one was like dark moon. if you reply me i will be so happy


she said her name but i can't remember her name exactly. she said 3 name ... gonzalez maria (mara) and she had moved my ex flat which has number 39.

Update 2:

first of all, i really appreciate for your comments.Thank you very much. those names completely strange to me. i have never friends with those names, that is why i can't remember exactly her first name and last name. i think her first name was isabel or isabela something like that last name was maria or mara.what makes me consider about this dream is , i didn't know there is a 0700 phone line,even i didn't care about it because i didn't think there is a phone line like that.While abigail mentioned about hebrew names , i'd like to add another dream maybe there is a connection. i saw two jewish men in my dream and they wanted me to get married with his daughter :). Thanks a lot

Update 3:

and i am muslim :)

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    First, I'd stop and think about what 2's might mean to you personally. I know nothing may occur to you right off hand, but look at what happened when you Googled 0700. I'm guessing somewhere in your life, you had already been exposed to that information about 0700, even if you don't consciously remember it. Your subconscious did. So, if you roll it around in the back of your mind for a little bit, you may find that 2's or 22 22 is actually something you've been exposed to before and just forgotten. That revelation may tell you what those numbers mean to YOU.

    Outside of that 2's can symbolize partnerships, balance, opposites (yin/yang). One poster mentioned 2's association with gypsy women which I find quite interesting since you mention the zero like a dark moon you placed between the two's you were attempting to write down. Moon can symbolize women. Is there a dark female influence in your life coming between you and harmony you have with a woman? That's a thought, since 0700 represents private numbers, this could be a matter in your private life. Or, maybe the significance is in the label FOLLOW ME numbers. Perhaps there's a dark female influence wanting you to follow it away from the harmony you have with other female influences. Keep in mind, even one person could hold both the harmony and darkness of a feminine presence. Humans have all kinds of dualities about them.


    Comments on new information:

    Using three names to describe oneself as this caller did in your dream could signify a few different things. People sometimes use their full name, especially if there's a lot of names in it, to signify their "pedigree" from different lines. Do the names she gave tell you anything like that from your personal experiences in life? Another possibility is that the more descriptors a person gives about themselves, they more accurately they describe themselves. I've been looking over the meaning of the names listed and perhaps that will give some insight. Mary, ultimately, is derived from the Hebrew Miriam meaning "bitter". You can see such a theme in the life of Mary, mother of Jesus, since she watched her innocent son executed so horribly at a time when it was expected that he was bringing God's Kingdom to earth to establish eternal peace. Gonzales, ultimately derived from a latin form of the Germanic name Gundisalvus. Everything I've checked seems to think the meaning of the last half of that name, salvus, is lost to us. But, Gund means "war". Mara could be of two origins. The hebrew origin is the same as Mary. Again, it means "bitter". The Sanskrit derivation means "destroyer".

    The number 39 reduces, numerologically, to 3. I can't say for sure that's the symbology in your dream. It would be more likely to be the case if you knew numerology before having the dream as our dreams tend to use information we already know or have been exposed to. If the symbology is indeed that of the number 3, then you're dealing with a very creative energy this woman "lives behind", so-to-speak, since that's the number of her home. I'm beginning to think, however, that this "creative" energy is applied on the crafty side.

    With the additional information, it seems increasingly clear to me that, in some form of fashion, there is a dark feminine energy somewhere in your life that's interfering with, or attempting to interfere with, your experience of the more positive side of that energy. All three of the names this woman gives you have negative meanings including war and destruction.

    That you couldn't hear her on the phone because of the construction work going on in the background, suggests to me that there's a dark crafty feminine energy somewhere in your life "trying to get through to you", and you're picking up on it a little, but her attempts haven't been "loud" enough yet to really get your full attention and get you to do what she wants you to do. Some part of your mind is trying to tell you to be aware that whatever this woman wants, it will lead to trouble. Again, please keep in mind that these qualities of negative and positive may well exist in a single woman. If you have a wife, for instance, you may be picking up on the fact that something she wants from you will bring trouble for your relationship and interfere with your positive experiences of her. On the other hand, it could be something like a crafty woman trying to come between you and someone you love. Still another possibility is that this has to do with your own "feminine side". We all have both masculine and feminine qualities. One just usually dominates more than the other. Perhaps some part of yourself on the feminine side is waring with another part.

    And, I still may not have "hit the nail on the head", but, perhaps there's enough information in all of that for you to finish doing so yourself.


    Interesting new information. Isabella means something like "God is my vow" and it's Hebrew. In the Hebrew scriptures, women can represent belief systems or entire cultures. Since you mention the two hebrew men wanting you to marry one of their daughters, it may well be that you see something in your spiritual environment that is polluting it or putting you in danger of compromising your belief system. With the extra name and it's meaning, I'm wondering whether something is wanting you to compromise a vow, or take a vow that some part of your heart & mind do not think is a good idea. Or something along that theme, anyway.

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    The number 22 isn't quite as significant as you getting it in book form. the book could mean anything, and there's no way myself or anyone could pin-point its meaning without knowing you and your personality very well (ask a best friend about it) however the 22 is much more specific. It could refer to a specific date and time (2022, 22nd Day of a month, or 22nd hour in a day) It could also be related to your own age (Past or Future) a lucky number (occurrences of the number 22 being lucky, like a lottery ticket, or finding $22 on the sidewalk) additionally the number can be broken down into "2" and "2" can be divisible by 2, and only 2 and can be related to the number 4 (2 + 2 being 4) which makes things alot more complicated. Because when you have 2 numbers instead of 1 things can be rearranged, broken down, built up, and strewn about so randomly that it becomes to complex for someone to figure without knowing you and your personality.

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    22:22 · A sign from the French hobo or gypsy sign system, meaning here live kind-hearted women.

    11:11 x 2 = 22 22

    "And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so." - 1 Kings 22:22

    Source(s): 2222 the twisted 1111 wish The Bible
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    What Does 22 Mean

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