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any good hello cheers, for cheerleading?

i cheer for zhs, our colors are blue white and black.

we need a hello cheer, or opening cheer. in our hello cheer, we don't really wanna say hello. but here our some of our lines, we just cant put them together.

you've seen us before, remember our name.

we've just begun, so sit back, and watch how its done.

to prove too you, were number one.

our skill and strength will take us too the top.

any ideas?!

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    Wake up fans we've just begun..

    So sit back and see how it's done.

    We have the strength and skill to take us to the top.

    And prove to you we're number can't be stopped.

    ZHS shall never fail.

    blue, black, and white will prevail.

    I'm pretty proud of myself here :)

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