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American History Review?

Help! I need help reviewing for my test..I know some of them, here's just a couple I'm stuck on

Which of the following gave President Jackson the right to do whatever was necessary to collect funds from South Carolina?

A. Force Bill

B. Compromise Tariff

C. Eighteenth Amendment

D. none of the above

Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme court during Gibbons vs. Ogden?

A. Henry Clay

B. Daniel Webster

C. James Monroe

D. John Marshall

Farms, slaughterhouses, supply stores, and banks were all considered characteristics of what area?

A. the Northwest

B. the South

C. the frontier

D. none of the above

Who was considered an advocate of force removal of Native Americans from their land?

A. John Ross

B. Nat Turner

C. Andrew Jackson

D. William McKinley

This President was known for his focus on domestic issues and internal improvements.

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. James Monroe

C. Henry Clay

D. John Quincy Adams

The _______ was issued after the War of 1812 and considered part of America's foreign policy.

A. Monroe Doctrine

B. Treaty of Paris

C. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

D. Northwest Ordinance

This President was considered the first to win the election due to his widespread popularity.

A. John Quincy Adams

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. John Tyler

D. Andrew Jackson

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    1. A Force Bill

    The Compromise Bill was what mitigated the nullification crisis between South Carolina and Jackson.

    18th Amendment was Prohibition during the '20s.

    2. D John Marshall

    One of the most important and famous Chief Justice of the United States as he essentially established the Judicial system under Marbury v. Madison with Judicial Review.

    3. This I'm not sure, so I won't guess.

    4. C

    Andrew Jackson is the man you should always associate with the forced removal of the 5 Civilized Tribes, giving birth to the Trail of Tears.

    5. Although Clay had a lustrious career in American politics, he never became president. JQA only had one term tainted by the Corrupt Bargain. I believe it is B Monroe because he's known for internal improvements such as the Cumberland Gap.

    6. A

    7. D

    Jackson is known for his Jacksonian democracy, the era of the common man.

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