Your Names For Septuplets?

This is just for fun. I got a lot of great answers from the last one(Sextuplets) so now I am going to do Septuplets. :)

Boy #1: He is a total boy. He loves to go fishing with his dad and play in the water. He loves mud as well. He is small for being 3 years old, but he is the second largest of his siblings. He has bright blue eyes and tightly light brown curled hair.

Girl #1: She is very funny and loves to swim. She loves to do gymnastics as she is very flexible. She loves to be the leader and protects her brothers and sisters. She has very straight thin, almost white hair. He eyes are a very deep blue, with a light blue center.

Girl #2: She is identical to Girl #1 and she is very funny and outgoing. When she was born she was the smallest of everyone. She is still a ways behind them, but loves to play. She is very daring to do anything and will try things before everyone.

Girl #3: She is very loud and mischievous. She loves to go exploring in the woods and scare people when they are not expecting it. She will sneak around and not even be heard. She loves everything involving spies and wants to be a secret agent when she grows up. She has dark brown hair that is long. She always wants it in a ponytail with a black tie, just like a secret agent. She has stunning deep brown eyes that are always hiding behind dark sunglasses.

Boy #2: He loves to play in the water. Streams are his favorite, when he sees a new undiscovered one he will play in it for hours. He loves nature and won't hurt anything. He has binoculars that he looks at everything through. He enjoys fishing with his brother, but gets upset when they don't let the fish go. He loves all animals and will recognize them all. He has light blue eyes and dirty blond straight hair.

Boy #3: He loves to be a traffic man when all of his siblings play together. He would rather be in charge of looking after them than playing. He loves all of his siblings and never leaves his parents' sides. He loves his family so much and never wants to leave them. He has dark brown eyes and a very light brown hair a little darker than sand.

Girl #4: She loves playing spy with Girl #3 and looking at animals with Boy #2. She loves her parents and usually won't leave their side. She is very quiet, but loves to play. She is an outdoor girl who is not afraid to get messy. She is small and loves to get through small things and spaces. When you first see here you think she would not do anything adventurous, but she would. She had bright blue eyes with dirty blond straight hair.

What are the Septuplets names when you saw them at age 3?

Thanks for Answering. :)

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    You didnt say middle names so I shall not put any :) (I am going for a nature theme)

    Hunter - Nature and mud all connected and Hunting is apart of nature so he sounds wonderful and I think the name represents his personality perfectly!!!

    Ocean - Why??? Because she reminds me of a mermaid, and where do Mermaids live??? In the ocean, so a perfect connection if I do say so myself :)

    Rain - She is identical to her sister who is Ocean which is water related and rain is always everywhere and can get into the smallest places and onto the evilist of animals so you could say Rain is daring just like her :P

    Storm - This one was quite hard (AND yes Storm is a girls name (Unisex)) Anyway she sounds like she has a dark side (Like a storm) But overall she is very helpful (Storms are helpful after droughts) So yes she is the perfect storm!

    River - Streams are connected to rivers thus giving a brilliant connection and to me the name hit me as soon as I finished reading the description :D Rivers are also home to many animals (Not just fish) and help to keep many animals alive, Rivers love animals just like He does.

    Leo - Is Latin for Lion! The King of the jungle and what does a king do? He leads and is a leader of a pride, which is how you described him and made him sound to me. Also the sandy hair is like a colour of a lions mane which is a perfect example of why he is called Leo :)

    Willow - This was the hardest one but I think I got her name perfectly :) She is quiet, Does a willow make a sound? Loves to play, No a tree cant play but the animals that live within the willow does, a willow is home to hundreds of creatures Big and small. Small a tree is not small but A willow is a small tree compared to others like the oak and red wood! The Willow is calm and relaxing which is the image you get from first appearances of the girl you described but Willows are full of action as the creatures that live on it are busy and the roots dig deep into the earth :)

    That was fun, I have never put so much thought into this type of question before :P

    Id love for you to do another one, they are fun

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    Boy 1: William James

    Girl 1: Alexis Faith

    Girl 2: Charlotte Anne

    Girl 3: Danika Rose

    Boy 2: Kaelan Jude

    Boy 3: Gage Thomas

    Girl 4: Hannah Grace

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    Boy 1: Zachary James

    Girl 1: Samantha Lynne

    Girl 2: Serena Joy

    Girl 3: Abbie Jean

    Boy 2: William Lake

    Boy 3: Noah Lee

    Girl 4: Bria Grace

    Source(s): Me!
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    Boy #1- Michael Anthony

    Girl #1- Gabriella "Gabby" Katie

    Girl #2- Phoebe Jean

    Girl #3- Leah Betty

    Boy #2- James Quincy

    Boy #3- Joshua Freddie

    Girl #4- Emily Joanne

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    Boy #1: Oliver James

    Girl #1: Ella Louise

    Girl #2: Finnley Mae

    Girl #3: Tessa Ann

    Boy #2: August Carter

    Boy# 3: Holden Isaiah

    Girl #4: Grace Lilli

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    Brooks Ian

    Kelsey Nicole

    Stephanie Ava

    Jocelyn Claire

    Easton James

    Jake Alexander

    Taylor Casey

  • 1 decade ago

    Julian Christopher

    Alexis Grace

    Ella Faith

    Rylee Carolyn

    Owen Michael

    Jaden Thomas

    Hailey Alyssa

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    Boy #1: Chance Samuel Anthony

    Girl #1: Coraline Eloise Mae

    Girl #2: Scout Philippa Daisy

    Girl #3: Dixie Charlotte Daina

    Boy #2: Shiloh Casey Aspen

    Boy #3: Toby Mitchell Brian

    Girl #4: Cheyenne Aurora Leona

    Chance, Cora/Cory/Coraline, Scout, Dixie, Shiloh, Toby, & Cheyenne

  • Husband: Owen Harrison Blankenship: Architect in San Francisco :) Blonde wavy hair, big blue eyes, and light "tans well too" skin..athletic build, originally from Melbourne, Australia, he still has his adorable accent :)

    1. Boy 1: Brett Alexander

    2. Girls 1: Charlotte Lily (Lily)

    3. Girl 2: Mira (Miri) Evangeline

    4. Girl 3: Keira Brynn

    5. Boy 2: Elias Wren (Eli)

    6. Boy 3: Ian Thomas

    7 Girl 4: Isla Rose

    Can you do one with ninetuplets next? haha

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