Who out there thinks JK Rowling should write books on other potter characters like snape,sirius?

I really loved the depth she gave to his character. Elsewhere i have said how crazy I am about the whole series and i really wish she would write more books. You know like the story of Dumbledore. I really want to read it even though at one point it was a little disappointing to have the great dumbledore being brought down from his pedestal. I would also like to read sirius' story. AAAH LOOVVE HARRY POTTER AND JK ROWLING!

Id say she is another legend in the league of JRR TOLKIEN AND Enid BLyton

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  • ALEX
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    9 years ago
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    I'm prefacing this by saying that I love Harry Potter more than I have loved any other book, movie or object. Jesus I love Harry Potter more than I love the majority of people in my life. Harry Potter shaped my childhood and I continue to love it to pieces today. So don't go thinking I'm a hater. But here goes.

    These type of questions rile me up a little bit. "JK Rowling should write a sequel", "JK Rowling should write a prequel" "JK Rowling should write Harry Potter from a different characters perspective" "JK Rowling should write books about another Harry Potter character".

    Jesus christ. Yes, we love Harry Potter. Yes, we want more Harry Potter. But every fan wants more of Harry in a different way. If she were to write everything that every fan wanted she would be locked in a room typing for the next 7 billion years.

    What you want would be interesting, yes. But I doubt it would be exciting. We know what happens. We know what all the clues would lead to. There would be no reason for character development and the mystery that was so intrinsic to Harry Potter being successful. We know Dumbledore's story. Sure we could see it in more detail, but in reality, is that what you want? I think some parts would be epic. But Harry potter wasn't about the action or the adventures or even the characters. They're all reasons we adore it, but their not the major point. The major point was the mystery. The mystery that kept you turning every page. The mystery that kept you reading all night. That mystery wouldn't be in a story of Dumbledore or snape or sirius.

    I think she knows when to stop. And that's a fantastic thing that very few authors seem to be able to do. "Oh let's just tack on just one more". And by the time that one more comes out no one gives a **** any more. I never want people to not give a **** about Harry Potter.

    And as for her being in the same league as Tolkien and Blyton. Only time will tell. I hope so. I would love my children to be able to enjoy Harry Potter the same way that I did.

    And @ the person up there whose name I can't be bothered finding.

    Harry Potter won't be a classic because it's young adult fiction? that disgusts me on so many levels. You're claiming that young adult fiction is not worthy of such praise. Young adult fiction is a very modern invention. Just because there are very few young adult classics now doesn't mean there won't be in the future. Some of the best books I've read in my life are young adult fiction. I'm insulted. And Blyton wrote childrens books, you realise that right?

    Wow I sound like such a mad raging ***** in this answer. Don't care. It's 4.15am. Good night

  • 9 years ago

    I'm sorry, while I adore the Harry Potter series, I do not put Rowling on the same level as JRR Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece, while Harry Potter (as compelling as it is) is

    young adult literature.

    While HP is about friendship and courage, LOTR covers these as well as being a metaphor for Religion, War, Human Nature, ect. Tolkien also created thousands of years worth of history just for the trilogy. Like I said, I love Harry Potter, but I'd feel more comfortable comparing it to something else.

    As for Rowling, I'm not surprised by her refusal to write any more HP books. I'd love to see some new ones, but I'm pretty sure she's at peace with Harry and the others. She probably doesn't feel comfortable in attempting to re-open the series.

  • 9 years ago

    Funnily enough, I don't want her to add to the Harry Potter series. I feel like I shouldn't be called a Harry Potter fan for saying that, but I'm happy with what's already out there. I like having stuff like Sirius's and Snape's full stories kept as a little bit of a mystery because that leaves ME free to imagine what it was like. If she wrote about those stories, the mystery and thrill of imagining it yourself would be gone and there would be the (very slim) chance that their life stories just wouldn't live up to everyone's expectations.

    I would rather see JK start a new series with a whole new world to explore and fall in love with instead of making additions to Harry Potter forever. We already know what kind of talent she has and I want to see what happens when she applies that talent to something brand new. I bet she'd create another worldwide phenomenon.

  • 9 years ago

    i absolutely LOVE HARRY POTTER i definitely think that she should write books about when James and Sirius and Snape were in school. I think that it would enhance the meaning of the harry potter books we all know and love. i'm also really sad that she only wrote 7 books i think that she should write about what happens between the end of the seventh and the last little section that she adds at the very end of the seventh book. I would like to know what happens to George and Cho and everyone else.

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  • Errol
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    9 years ago

    Yeah, she should involve stories perhaps the history of the black family, or peverelle, or the forge of the elder wand, or even a characters history like dumbledore. You get to see a bit of snape at the end.

    BUT, sadly, she isn't writing any more books, due to the fact she 'can't' because she isn't in that situation, that 'frame of mind' any more, she's basically lost the feel of it. I'm sure she could, but she's got £35, and a LOT more bang for her buck, another book will be an irritation for her.

  • 9 years ago

    YES! I'm a huge hp fan toooo! Sirius...not so much, but snape? Yeah. She should write some more prologues and stuff! Wish the 7th book wasn't the end.

  • 9 years ago

    It would be fun to read! I agree and would love to read them but sadly I don't think she'll ever do it. The books are too big and famous and anything she adds will eather build them up or tare them down.

    Although I have heard that she'll be writing other books for children under a pen name so that could be great! Who knows, maybe she's already published something else.

  • 9 years ago

    While I love Harry Potter deeply, I think Rowling should quite while she's ahead...I don't want a brilliant series ruined.

  • 9 years ago

    A story governing the wizarding world during the Marauder era would be fantastic, though there are already many fanfictions that cover that. But still, that would be quite awesome.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd love to read about Snape. Maybe about his childhood and his love for LIly. That would make a great story.

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