Backed into a parked car, no damages, HIT AND RUN?

The other night I slowly bumped into a car in my blind spot. I heard it and pulled to the part where and it got hit and asked if everyone saw any damages? They said no. So just to make sure. I reparked my car next to the guy's and made EVERYONE reinspect his car for damages. (I had a full car of friends). All of them said there was none. So we all decided that it wasn't necessary to leave any information and worry the driver. At the time, there was an officer across the parking lot sitting in his parked car and saw the whole thing. I checked everything and made sure there was NO DAMAGES. The cop watched me the whole time, never put on his siren, never came to the scene to inspect it. I was inspecting this car for a good hour and even made all my friends check, just to make sure there was no damages. If there was, I would have DEFINATELY left my insurance information and contact info and admit fault. The driver was not to be found. So I drove away.

The next morning, his insurance companny called and saidi a witness had seen my car backed into this guy and that there might be possible charges of a hit and run....(obviously me doing the right thing and inspecting the guy's car for about an hour, someone had to write down my license plate)

I tried calling back, but it was over the weekend, so there was no answer.

During the weekend, I've tried to find the cop to get his statement that night (since there is a cop that patrols there every night) and when I did, the couldn't find him or find any answer.

Since I come from a strict asian family, as soon as they heard this voicemail, they immediately assume that I just have commited a crime and I got kicked out of the house, going to get kicked off the insurance plan, and my boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with me. But what can I do...just to move forward.

I've been driving for 3 years and this is my first "accident". Would this be considered a hit and run? What can I do? I just need advice...


Everyon either keeps telling me I'm going to jail OR to not worry about it and let things happen...

I'm so confused at the moment...


sorry for the grammar issues on the details above.

So what happen was that a d-bag of a witness left a note saying I smashed into his car and broke his headlight and dented his car. The owner immediately called the cops and the cop ruled out that there was little damage (a scratch) that insurance probably won't pay for since its so minimal AND it wont go as a point on my insurance since the cost doesn't exceed a certain point.

With that being said, a hit and run charge is for people who hits the car with SEVERE damages and leaves without contact information. His insurance company did not mention any hit and run charges against me.


I know what I should have done, regardless of a little bump, and I learned my lesson.

Thanks for the answers!

@eric: is not called "hit and fooling around". its called "hit and walk". The parking lot was in a convention center lot with LOTS of witnesses and LOTS of light

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    No Run?

    I am not a lawyer, yet I assume that anyone would have done the same when there is not a scratch on the other car. Best would have been to photograph the other car's touch point. The reaction of your environment is regrettable. Make sure it was the insurance calling, in this case and in any case, you may want to inquire with your insurance. What else could happen? You get an invitation to court. You have witnesses who saw what happened. I could not imagine any judge being prejudiced against Asians and slapping you with a fine, unless there is a law saying that anyone bumping into anything must leave a note. Yet, not leaving a note when there is not any damage would not be a crime in my view. I would trust in God and in justice.

  • eric
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    9 years ago

    Interesting story. You should of flagged down that cop and asked if he saw any damage and what you should do/leave contact info or not. Maybe he'll wrote up a report of the incident. Too late for this now.

    This would be considered a hit and "slowly" running and horsing around for a hour before getting the hell out of there. Really, you all stayed for a hour staring at that car in the dark? How could you see damages in the dark?

    Since you didn't leave a note (regardless of visible damages) or spoke to the owner of the car, this could be considered as a hit and run. Go to the police and tell them what happen and maybe under the circumstances, they'll drop it.

    You should contact your insurance company to inform them of the situation and they'll do an investigation to determine if the damages to the other party's car were caused by your car.

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