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Any health or beauty tips you know about weightloss, looks, health etc?

I want to try and be heathlier and feel better about myself because at the moment I have really low self esteem and I want to know any health tips you guys can give me.


- How to lose weight safely

- How to brush your hair or teeth properly

- How to apply makeup

- A good cleanser that won't harm your skin.

Basically just anything you know about being healthy or anything you can think of.

Person with the most tips gets best answer!

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    Hi Kara!

    I have dealt with this problem of weight lose (and low self esteem too!) for a couple of years now. But now I reached a point where I know if I will not do something for myself, no one will do it...So, here is a list of some questions/ideas that I think you will find useful and by answering to these question you will have some ideas on what to work on.

    1. Make the time to focus on health.

    2. Take a long hard look at what you are putting into your body.

    3. How much are you eating?

    4. Drink WATER!

    5. How much do you move each day?

    Hope you will be ok soon!



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    All of this information you can find in fitness, shape, or self magazines. They include health and beauty alongside weightloss and it is all very informative. If you do not want to purchase the magazine then you could just go on their website and browse.

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    First off, you're going to get wrinkles it doesn't matter what you do, it is a normal side of the getting older system. Some day you'll seem within the reflect and notice your mom watching again. It's the reality, and also you must be happy with every wrinkle you return by means of actually. But, keep out of the solar, and constantly use sunblock, no longer lotion. Don't ever smoke. If you do come to a decision to drink whilst you are of age, drink carefully. Don't ever have got to get up within the morning uncertain of what you probably did the night time earlier than. Take your nutrients. Eat your vegetables. Don't do tanning of any kind.

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